Review: Topshop blush in morning dew + swatches

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I've been really lazy with blogging lately but I'm going to start and get back into the swing of things! Today I thought I'd do a review on a product I have been using a lot lately which is the Topshop cream blush in the shade morning dew.

Topshop blush in morning dew
I first wanted this blush ever since I saw Tanya Burr use it in one of her tutorials, however, my Topshop doesn't stock their makeup range. If you saw my haul post, you'd see that I went to the bigger Topshop near me and was able to finally get my hands on it! 

I'm literally in love with this blush! As soon as I started using it I instantly fell in love with it. Due to it being a cream blush you can just dot it on your cheeks and blend, meaning it's quick in the mornings for school and no hassle of a brush! After applied it gives a subtle pink glow to the cheeks which makes it quite a natural everyday blush. 

Topshop blush in morning dew + swatches

Review: Topshop blush in morning dew + swatches

As you can see when blended it doesn't look too bright and gives a nice glow. The blush also has subtle shimmers in it which aren't too noticeable but add the glow to the cheeks if that makes sense. 

Also, I love the packaging, it's just too cute! I absolutely love dotty things, it's like my favourite pattern! I'd definitely recommend this blush, it's perfect for everyday use, gives a lovely pigment of colour to the cheeks and it was at the affordable price of £6! 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! <3 

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