Olly Murs Summer Tour 2017

Well hello to you my reader chums! Summer is fully underway with exciting events happening here and there. On Friday, I added another concert to my never ending list and saw Olly Murs live in one of my closest cities, Canterbury. I've always been a fan of Olly Murs, with his 'cheeky chappy' ways, he's certainly a crowd pleaser and I couldn't wait to see him live!

Olly Murs summer tour 2017

The concert was in a massive cricket ground and as we got standing tickets, we were able to get ourselves into the perfect position to watch Olly grace the stage. There were four of us in total, me Danielle and our two friends. With concerts, it's always an even better experience when there's a group as you're able to bounce off each others energy.

Olly Murs summer tour 2017 squad

Me, Danielle, Shannon and Shannon

Louisa Johnson opening act for olly murs

Louisa Johnson, winner of 2015's X Factor, set off the tour with a bang. Astounding vocals, feisty moves and a welcoming tone, she had fab stage presence. I couldn't get over how incredible her voice was, especially during covers and her single 'Tears'. At one point, she brought her sister out on stage which was the cutest thing to watch and she even sung like an angel. Louisa came back on later in the concert to sing hers and Olly's new song, 'Unpredictable'. They worked so well as a duo, with their perfect harmonies and friendly relationship.

Olly Murs summer tour 2017

Now it was time for Olly himself to show some moves. He didn't disappoint in the slightest! Olly is one of the best performers I've seen; his infectious personality, witty charm and flirty attitude got the whole audience smiling. There was something about how he put on the show that made us all giggle, sing our hearts out and feel every emotion under the sun. I love how he sang all his classic hits and covered a few old school tracks to get the audience going. A true performer, if you haven't already get yourself a ticket to see the cheeky singer himself.

Olly Murs summer tour 2017

Concerts are one of my favourite things to do. You can't describe the love you feel in a room with live music and how everyone comes together to support the act on stage. I loved every minute of Olly's tour and can't wait till the next concert.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What was your last concert?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. looks like you had a lovely time! and how lucky were you with the weather?! xx


  2. Awwh looks like you had an amazing time! x



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