10 mistakes I've made whilst travelling*

Well hello to you my reader chums! As a self-confessed travel addict, I travel a lot, and through that, I also make loads of mistakes. There is no perfect way to travel and the more I go to different places, the more I learn about travel and pick up tricks along the way.

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10 mistakes I made whilst travelling

As much as I plan things for travelling, there are loads of things I've gotten wrong and here are 10 mistakes I've made whilst travelling:
  1. Planning too much - I'm a serial researcher when it comes to planning my travels, whether that's a city break or long-term travel. And, as much as it can be a good thing, sometimes I've also learned, it's a bad thing too. It's a bad thing in the sense that by planning everything down to the fine detail, from the hotels to the itinerary, I missed out on the spontaneity of travel. My advice would be to make a rough list and do research to give you knowledge of the place but when you arrive to embrace your surroundings and go with the flow more.
  2. Don't under-plan - In the same breath, I've found when I haven't planned enough or gone on a trip without much preparation that it made me feel a little out of my depth. I think as when it comes to travel, I like to get the most out of a new place so by researching I know the best things to see/do at least.
  3. Not bringing back up money - I've come to learn as I travel more, that always having back up money is essential as you never know what can go wrong. Whether it's a flight delay, a cancellation, falling unwell or an extra excursion, it's important to have a little extra to help you along the way.
  4. Overpacking - As time has gone on, I've brought less and less away with me in my suitcase. However, when I first started travelling, my suitcase used to be packed with unnecessary items that I didn't need. It's all about picking what you think you need then sifting through and taking out unnecessary things.
  5. Cramming too many things in a short space of time - I have a problem with doing this way too often. As I tend to go on a lot of mini-breaks, I always try and cram a lot of things in only a few days. Although there's nothing wrong with this, I always get very tired and sometimes aren't able to be a little spontaneous when travelling. I feel like I sometimes miss out on relaxing and soaking up the hidden gems.
  6. Relying on my research - I have a bit of a research addiction when it comes to travel, however as much as I love it, I have found relying on the research too much can be a downfall. It's best to ask the locals and find things to do whilst I'm there.
  7. Overspending - I try to set a budget for every place I go to and choose a daily allowance. However, it's not to say I've always stuck to the budget and have ended up overspending on many occasions, which took its toll on the total budget for the trip. 
  8. Not reading the terms and conditions on any booking - When I went to Asia, something I didn't do on a few occasions is read the terms and conditions for a few of the airlines I went on. Each airline is different and so is their baggage policy. As I booked flights in advance, I didn't realise when I had to check-in bags on some flights and ended up having to pay a fortune at the airport.
  9. Putting your debit cards in one purse - Unfortunately, when travelling, pickpocketing is a real issue and that's why it's so important to take care of money. When I was in Italy, I lost my purse and it had my debit card in. I was fortunate enough that my cash was stored somewhere separately, however, I had to cancel my bank card and had no means of getting one for a while. So that's why I'd advise having your debit card in one place and a travel money card/credit card elsewhere.
  10. Putting pressure on myself - When travelling, I always want to make sure I'm having the best time and seeing everything possible, that I put huge pressure on myself to be happy all the time. It's normal and natural to have a down day when travelling and or not fulfill your itinerary.
I hope you enjoyed this post. What mistakes have you made whilst travelling?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Totally relate to this! My boyfriend and I went to Krakow last year and ran out of money, finding a working cash machine was not fun and neither was the phone call to the bank when something went wrong. Definitely learnt a lesson from that one xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. Glad it's not just me! Oh no, well at least you learnt for the next time haha, I feel you xx

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