My travel staples for a weekend break away

Well hello to you my reader chums! City breaks and jetting off for a few days is one of my favourite things. It gives me the chance to take a couple of days away from my normal routine but also offers an opportunity to see a new location - and immerse myself in a different culture.

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My travel staples for a weekend break away

City breaks are quick but can be incredibly wholesome and planning them correctly is key - and that goes hand in hand with what you pack.

I like to be very prepared when it comes to packing and bring items along that will be useful, versatile and are essential - here are my travel staples:

Beauty items 

Garnier's BB cream  - I'm an avid user of BB cream and love it in all seasons, especially during the summer months. I find it's the perfect little gem to bring when going away for a few days as it offers that lighter coverage but will still give you a tint and SPF - and save space in your liquid bag on the flight. I'm currently loving Garnier's BB cream; it gives the loveliest glow and light amount of coverage.

Hand gel and hand cream - I'm a bit of a clean freak and like to have hand sanitizer with me at all times, especially when abroad. My best friend even bought me a keyring with a hand gel holder on it to put all my Bath and Body Works hand gels and I've never looked back. It's one of those very useful accessories. I also have hand creams with me wherever I go and especially love the Body Shop creams.

Solid shampoo/conditioner - I rave about Lush's shampoo and conditioner a lot! Whether you're trying to make an eco-friendly choice or save space in your suitcase, these shampoo bars are a lifesaver. They smell insane, leave your hair looking fresh and shiny and last for a very long time. Completely worth the investment!

Marc Jacob's rollerball perfume - My favourtite ever perfume is Marc Jacob's Daisy (like a lot of people.) It's fresh, easy to wear and the perfect day scent. On my travels, I can't really bring the whole bottle so I carry the rollerball version around - and can top it up whenever I need.

Tangle Teezer -I try to lighten the load as much as possible with weekends away as I don't need to bring my entire beauty routine with me. Tangle Teezers are a perfect size and come in travel size too so I love to bring them along for the ride.

Multi-use palettes - To save space in my makeup bag, I like to pack multi-use products. For instance, Benefit's Hoola bronzer is my go-to and I also love to use it as a natural eye shadow colour, to save packing a heavy eye shadow palette. I also generally pack a lightweight highlighter like the Sleek palettes as it can double up as an eye shadow shade.

Useful travel items

Chillys bottle - I rave about Chillys bottles way too much but I genuinely don't go anywhere without them and that includes abroad. They're refillable, keep water cold for 24 hours and good for the environment so you can't go wrong. It saves buying disposable bottles, drinking warm water when its sunny and knowing the bottle will last for a long period of time.

Extension lead and adapter - This is my favourite travel hack but I like to share it over and over again in case someone missed it. Bring an adapter and an extension lead with you - as it'll save you bringing multiple adapters for different plugs, and you'll have up to four plug sockets for all your electricals.

Tote bags - You never know when you're going to need a tote bag on your travels. I always like to pack one in my handbag as they can come in handy for shopping, for the beach or anything in between. They're versatile, light and save you buying plastic bags along the way.

Travel diary - One of my favorutie things to do is document my travels which you'll see in all my travel content. Something I've begun doing is bringing a travel diary along with me and taking notes as I go, as I'm able to document how I'm feeling on that day rather than looking back and writing on the experience. It's a fresh and exciting way to capture my memories and I have the diary to look back on in years to come.

Travel insurance - Before working in travel insurance, I wasn't clued up on it at all. I've always bought a travel insurance policy to be covered but I never really looked into my policy to see what I'm actually covered for and just went for the cheaper option. Now, I've learned to read my policy wordings and know what I'm paying for - it's worth the investment if things go wrong.

Tripp suitcases - I invested in a pair of Tripp suitcases a few years ago now and honestly they were worth the money. My favoruite black and white cabin size suitcase I take on every single weekend trip - it's a perfect size, lightweight and always fits everything that I need.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your travel staples?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. This is so helpful! I always like to take a hand gel too, but I bet the bath and body ones smell amazing!xx

    Hannah |


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