3 Day Guide to Hue, Vietnam

Well hello to you my reader chums! Hue was my favorite part of Vietnam, out of the three locations I visited on my 10-day trip. Hue is located in the centre of Vietnam and mainly renowned for its Imperial City. I loved Hue because it had a calm atmosphere and there were lots of things to see and do on my trip. I was only there for three days but could have happily spent longer there soaking up the city.

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

If you're planning a trip to Hue, here is my 3-day guide to the city.

Day 1 - Mooch around the city 

On my first day in Hue, I arrived later than expected due to a late flight, however that didn't stop me from soaking up the beauty of the city. Our hotel was located near the 'hub' of Hue where there were plenty of quaint restaurants, bars, and the coolest of shops that it made for the cutest place to mooch around and explore. The restaurants in Hue were one of my favorite in Vietnam and mooching around gave me the opportunity to get my bearings of the place. Hue had a very calm vibe compared to Hanoi and even Ho Chi Minh City which was already quite calm. It livened up in the evenings around the bar scene but wasn't too crazy.

Day 2 - Imperial City, tomb exploring and Perfume River 

Imperial City
- Hue is renowned for the Imperial City or the 'Citadel' as it's also named. The Imperial City used to be one of the most important political centres of the country. It was once an enormous complex full of the executive and bureaucracy you would expect from a capital city. The Citadel is enclosed within a square fortress with each of the four walls about 2 kilometres long and a wide moat on the outside. From the hotel, the Imperial City was around a half-hour walk and unless you can tolerate the heat, I would suggest getting a taxi instead. Despite the tiring walk, it gave me the opportunity to explore Hue by foot and soak up the city in a way I couldn't if I got a cab. We walked over the Perfume River, past the local shops, and saw lots of friendly faces along the way.

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

The Imperial City cost around $6.60 each to get in and was worth every penny. As I entered the city, I was overwhelmed with how much history stood in front of me and fascinated by what was in the walls years and years ago. The citadel had many beautiful buildings, rustic gates, china inspired decor, and lots of cool archways to get the perfect gram. I loved exploring the pretty temples, walking across the endless stretches of grass, and soaking up the ancient history. It took me around 2 hours to see it all but you could probably do it quicker or slower, taking your time to appreciate every angle, and paying for a guide to share the history with you.

Dong Ba Market - Asia is renowned for its markets and Dong Ba has a completely authentic appeal. Whether you want to bulk buy food, purchase a trinket, or simply have a browse and meet the locals, this market is for you. The market gave me a real sense of what fresh produce the locals grow and the nicknacks they make.

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

Perfume River  - The river is one of the city's prettiest highlights and the perfect spot to find some shade in the nearby park and take a break from all the walking.

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

Tu Duc Tomb - Hue is such a significant city in terms of history and has some incredible tombs worth the visit. They're all pretty far out compared to the main city that you'll need to get a taxi to and from them. On this day, I decided to do one tomb and that was the Tu Duc Tomb. This tomb was very picturesque with the surrounding river and incredibly detailed architecture. It was pretty huge to walk around but a tranquil place to be.

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

Day 3 - Temples and tombs

Thien Mu Pagoda - This temple is one of the faces of Hue other than the Imperial City. Although quite a small temple, it's a lovely place to visit and stroll around. The temple is located up some steep steps and overlooks the Perfume River. It's also quite a way out of the city that your best bet would also be getting a taxi unless you hire a motorbike.

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

Tomb of Khai Dinh King - This tomb was the most impressive I saw out of the two as it was crafted in the finest of ways. When I arrived, I had to walk up a mountain of steps to reach the courtyard which featured plenty of ancient statues and there were steps after steps until you reached the top. It was beautiful from the outside and the inside, where everything was decorated with intricate mosaic detailing. Honestly, I couldn't get over how extravagant it was for a tomb.

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

Other tombs - There are quite a few other tombs you can visit on your trip to Hue if you'd like to learn more about the rulers of Vietnam. These include the tomb of Minh Mang, Gia Long, Thieu Tri, Dong Khanh, and a whole lot more. As there are so many, you'll want to map out the route of the order you'd like to see them and get a quote from the taxi driver or book a tour.

Where to stay 

Hue is a hub for plenty of hotels and hostels that you won't be short of places to choose from. I booked the Stop & Go Boutique Homestay and I can honestly say it was one of my favourite accommodations during my whole Asia trip. As it was a homestay, the family who ran it lived onsite and they were all incredibly friendly. I received a complimentary breakfast every day, and the homestay was located only a few minutes' walk from the main hub of the town. My room was incredibly modern and I could have happily stayed there for a few more nights - it was so welcoming.

Where to eat 

Zucca - Just because you're in Vietnam, it doesn't mean you can't dine Italian style. Zucca is a classic Italian which serves up an array of traditional pizza and pasta dishes but also Vietnamese cuisine as well. It's a lovely family restaurant - and on our visit, I got complimentary bruschetta and fruit for dessert!

Hanh Restaurant - This restaurant was actually recommended to us by our homestay manager as it's a favourite for locals and visitors alike. Out of all the places I dined in Hue it was the most authentic and really gave us a taste of the traditional cuisine. The setting is very basic with cafeteria looking tables and cutlery but the food is insanely good and also insanely cheap.

The Rustic Kitchen - This restaurant is definitely one to go on the Insta feed. As the names suggest it has a rustic feel about it with a varied menu including some yummy curries. It's also located in the centre of the town near many bars and other restaurants.

Aroma Coffee - I'm a big lover of coffee houses. I love going in them to have a quick drink and cake and just chill. Aroma Coffee was a lovely little find as I was strolling through the streets of Hue and wanted to cool down. The coffee shop was one of those rustic cafe type places with painted wooden chairs and a lot of comfy pillows on the wall seats. They also served up the best-iced chocolate I've ever had!

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

I hope you enjoyed this guide to Hue. When are you planning to visit?

3 day guide to Hue, Vietnam

Thank you for reading <3

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