Handy items you need if you're going travelling

Well hello to you my reader chums! Whether you're heading on your next city break or departing for a backpacking adventure, it can be tricky to know what to pack, especially if you're travelling light.

Here's a list of items that'll be sure to come in handy as you go.

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Handy items you need if you're going travelling

Chillys bottle

My new and favourite everyday item, a Chillys bottle. I've always been an avid water drinker, ensuring I drink a lot every day and relied heavily on a reusable water bottle. However, after I received this for Christmas, my water bottle days had got much better. It does exactly what it says - keeps water cold for 24 hours. Every time I drink from it, the water is cold like it just came out of the fridge. This is why it's the perfect thing to take on your travels. If you're travelling to warm climates, it'll keep your water cool all day long, and it's eco-friendly too.

Twist & Spritz Atomiser

When I go travelling, I always find that I'm unable to bring my favourite perfumes as they're too big or there's no way of transporting them. However, when I was kindly sent this atomiser, all my prayers had been answered. I was finally able to transport my perfume without having to buy rollerballs! This tool allows you to put your favourite perfume in the bottle and take it wherever you go. You can buy yours at the Fragrance Shop.

Tote bags

As I travel, I'm bound to shop along the way and bringing a tote bag or two will come in handy with that. They can also be used as a beach bag (easier to fold in the backpack), and for your dirty laundry. Tote bags are also an eco-friendlier way to carry things around rather than purchasing different plastic bags along the way.

Rollerball perfumes

Despite now having my hands on an atomiser, I still love my rollerball perfumes. They're small and thin and if you bring a few, you'll have a couple of scents to enjoy.

Shampoo/conditioner bars

For my travels, I've invested in shampoo and conditioner bars as one, they're environmentally friendly and two, they're easy to travel with. Both shampoo and conditioner bars can last for a series of washes and be transporting in little tins to keep the moisture in. They'll save space as your packing and still allow the luxury treatment of a good hair wash.

Rubis tweezers

When travelling, the last thing I think about is getting my eyebrows wax, however, tweezers are something that always comes in handy for a multitude of things. I've recently been sent these Rubis tweezers and they're amazing! The tweezers are stronger than other ones I've used and feel really well made. They are acid-proof, anti-magnetic and rustproof - and are designed for perfect precision.

Handy items you need if you're going travelling

Microfibre towel

Towels inevitably take up plenty of room when packing that you need to get your hand on a microfibre towel. You can buy microfibre towels in places such as Mountain Warehouse, and they are much more compact than your usual towel.  

Wipeout cleansing cloth

Depending on what your travel plan is can determine how much makeup or beauty products you'll bring with you. One of my favourite and efficient ways to remove makeup I've found is by the wipeout cleansing cloth. All it takes to remove makeup is water on the cloth - and honestly, it really does work. The cloth is quite harsh but also soft enough to swipe over the skin. As they only require water, I won't have to pack any other form of makeup removal and it can save space.

Adapters and extension leads

It goes without saying but if you're planning using any electronics abroad then you need an appropriate adapter. Alongside that, I would always recommend packing an extension lead as then if the hostel/hotel only has one plug, you can have more than one.

Waterproof mac

Something we can't control is the weather, and wherever you may be going the weather can take a turn for the worst at any moment. Therefore, I'd recommend bringing a rain mac with you. They're compact and light, and can easily fit in your luggage.

First aid kit

Accidents happen and are never planned so it's always good to be prepared with a first aid kit at hand.


When travelling, you'll be involved in a lot of flights and going from place to place that a bit of quiet is always nice. Bring along some earplugs and you can get a good night sleep wherever you are in the world.


You need to be safe and so do your belongings as you don't want anything going missing. Before you leave, get a secure padlock and attach it to your backpack.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other handy items would you bring travelling?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. This is a super helpful post - I really want to buy a Chillys water bottle, they sound so good! I also use microfibre towels when I travel, I love them because they dry so quickly. Thanks for sharing!

    - Charlotte / myownblogofthoughts.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte!! Chillys bottles are honestly the best xx

  2. Super helpful post, Della! I gotta have to check out those microfibre towels! 😊

    Shirley | https://shirleycuypers.blogspot.com


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