Review: La Biosthetique Paris vegan haircare range

Well hello to you my reader chums! When it comes to hair care, I'm always really excited to try new products, as my hair naturally is rather frizzy and dry. This means I love to find anything that can prevent the frizz and leave my hair feeling, and looking ultra silky. 

When Biosthetique Paris got in touch to try a few of their hair care products, I couldn't wait to give them a go. I hadn't heard of the brand before, however, they informed me all the products were vegan and made of natural ingredients. I love that because you have the knowledge that you won't be putting any additional chemicals onto your hair.

La Biosthetique Paris haircare

After trialling them for a few weeks I couldn't wait to share my thoughts...

Product packaging

As all the products I received were in 100ml, they are the perfect size for travelling with and taking on the go. I travel regularly, so it comes in handy if I'm trying out new products for them to be smaller to travel with. The packaging looks very luxurious and simple, the writing is clear, and the packaging feels well made.

Hair Balancing Shampoo

 Out of all the products, I wasn't too sure about the shampoo at first. It had quite a thin consistency that you needed to lather it up a lot and ensure the hair was very wet to apply correctly, otherwise, you'd need more and more product. However, I did love that it was unscented, as it meant no additional products on my hair. The bottle has a different opening compared to usual shampoo bottles like a little nib which I loved, as it meant no product waste, and a small amount coming out when you squeeze it.

La Biosthetique Paris vegan haircare

Hair Gentle Conditioner

As I previously mentioned, I'm always on the hunt for products that will keep my hair looking and feeling healthy that the leave-in conditioner went down a treat. After I've washed my hair, I'll dry it a little with a towel and spray the conditioner over the ends of my hair and brush them through. The conditioner has a lovely fresh, lemongrass scent which adds to the natural appeal of the brand. I really did notice a difference with this product - it helped my hair feel silky and smooth, that I loved running my fingers through it even more.

Hair Intense Mask

Out of the three products, the intense mask has to be my favourite  - it's literally a dream-worthy product. The steps say: apply the mask over the hair, leave for ten minutes and wash off, so pretty standard really. However, the effects are genius. The scent is exactly the same as the conditioner - similar to lemongrass and very fresh. Its consistency is ultra creamy and coats the hair very well. Once it's been washed off, my hair felt extremely soft, and that softness stays when my hair is completely dry, for a day or two.

Overall, I really loved these products. They are more luxurious than your typical high street brand and are very natural which I love. If you are vegan and looking for something a bit upmarket, I'd highly recommend - especially the intense mask. For more information, check out La Biosthetique Paris.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you tried La Biosthetique Paris brand?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Haven't heard of this brand before but the products sound amazing! Love that the brand is natural & vegan!

    Shirley |


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