8 things you need to know before visiting Paris

Well hello to you my reader chums! The famous city of love and a must-see for everyone, Paris is a city like no other. I visited last with my boyfriend in February and fell in love with the city. Paris has something for everyone; the hustle and bustle near the sights, quaint tucked away streets and shops galore. It's a large city but not too large you're unable to see it in a few days - and whether this is your first or second time in the city, here are 8 things you need to know.

8 things you need to know before visiting Paris

Food is expensive

It may sound obvious, but with any city break you can expect the food to be expensive, but Paris, however, is on another level. As it's a popular city and flocked with tourists every day, food in the city centre can be on the pricey side. Choose to stay away from that; don't dine right next to tourist attractions as that's where you'll be stuck with the hefty price tag.

Invest in a tube pass

Travel in the city is personal preference to many, however, I would highly recommend investing in a tube pass. It can be useful whether you're staying right next to the Eiffel Tower or further out in the city, as you're able to get to every area of the city with ease. Like any city, they sell them over a course of a day or a few days and cover various zones. I'd recommend the one that focuses on the main centre (I think that was zone 1-3) as then you're able to get around all the sights for one price. The tube system is similar to London's with fewer lines and is a lot easier to navigate. They also have interactive maps at each station which show the stops near the attractions.

Be aware of the scams 

It's always important to be safe and wary in a city as these are the places scams can occur, especially in Paris. My boyfriend and I got stopped a few times before we realised it was actually a scam going on - older women would come up to ask and ask us to sign a petition for a 'charity', they would then demand money and ask for more and more. You have to simply walk away and not make eye contact otherwise they can follow you.

Take advantage of free sights 

In the same breath, make sure you take advantage of free sights. Even though Paris is an expensive city, there are hundreds of things you can do for free. For example, the Notre Dame has free entry and The Louvre museum is free for EU citizens under the age of 26. The Sacre Coeur has free admission and you can also find a few free galleries. Paris is also home to many pretty shopping streets such as the Champs-Elysses, and many gardens to explore.

8 things you need to know before visiting Paris

Pre-book attractions 

Paris is a very busy city during the course of the year and especially at peak times so if you're planning on visiting then, pre-book attractions. Sights such as the Eiffel Tower, river tours, and Disneyland.

Its secluded hidden gems 

Although Paris is generally a very busy city, one of my favourite things about it was the hidden gems. I'm talking about when you walk off the beaten path and discover quaint cafes, bakeries and trinket shops. They had a real authentic feel and I loved exploring them. My favourite area was around where the Notre Dame is - the spot is full of all the characteristic things I mentioned, perfect if you were looking somewhere private to eat.

Dinner times 

Regarding eating out for dinner in Paris, many restaurants open their dinner menu a lot later and if you aim to eat around 5pm, you'll probably be the only one in the restaurant. However, this can be a good thing if you love privacy! 

Disneyland advice

One of the reasons a lot of people can come to Paris is of course for the magical Disneyland. On our trip, we took a day out to do just that - visit the park and we both loved every minute. It's as magical as they all say, with the exciting rides, beautiful castle, characters, and the famous parade. A few tips for Disney I would say: firstly, buy your tickets in advance as it can save a lot of money and time when you enter the park. Secondly, if you're travelling from central Paris via train, ensure your tube pass covers the zone Disney is in. We made that mistake and didn't have tickets for the right station when we arrived. Disney is in zone 5 so when you're buying the tube ticket, ensure to get the zone 1-5 instead of 1-3. Also, food is pricey so bring your own if on a budget or if you wanted to dine in one of the cool restaurants, book in advance.

8 things you need to know before visiting Paris

To find out what there is to see and do, and where to eat in Paris, check out my 5-day guide to the city.

I hope you enjoyed this Paris post. Which other tips do you have about visiting the French capital?

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  1. Amazing tips, Della! I went to Disneyland once and yeah it was pricey, but it was also amazing!😊

    Shirley | https://shirleycuypers.blogspot.be

  2. These are some great tips. I really want to visit Paris and will definitely refer back to these tips when I'm planning my trip.


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