Best summer makeup finds

Well hello to you my reader chums! Summer time is one of my favourite seasons; it means beach days, cute outfits and all the ice cream you can eat. There's nothing better than going outside without the need to bring a jacket, and wearing lighter makeup. As you get a natural tan in summer, foundation isn't necessary layer as one, its pretty uncomfortable in the heat, and two your skin will already be glowing. I'm going to share my best summer makeup finds, to ensure your makeup lasts all day and gives that desired glowy effect.

Best summer makeup finds

Here are my summer makeup finds...

L'oreal's infallible primer

Priming is the first essential step to long-lasting makeup in the heat - and you need a good primer in order to do so. L'oreal's infallible is my go to for all seasons and helps lock the makeup in place, all day long. The primer itself isn't too think and blends really easily on the skin, without it feeling as if you've put an extra layer of makeup on. My skin is normal to combination and the primer works a treat.

Superdrug's BB cream 

As I mentioned in my previous monthly favourites, Superdrug's BB cream has become my new love in the summer time. The BB cream is a lighter alternative to foundation and doesn't feel heavy on the skin, which is a blessing in the hotter weather. Despite the light coverage, it gives a warm tint to the skin and a lovely summer glow - especially if you're already a little bit tanned. 

The cream applies as easily as a moisturiser, and it has SPF which will help protect your skin in the warmer weather. I love the smooth application, light coverage and how useful it is in the summer months.

Best summer makeup finds

Maybelline the Falsies waterproof mascara

In the summer, whether you're swimming, down the beach or just sweating from the hot weather, a waterproof mascara always comes in handy. Maybelline the Falsies is one of my favourite ever mascaras and their waterproof version is even better in the summer. The Falsies gives a natural curl to the lashes, and coats them enough that they look full.

Urban Decay's all nighter spray

The all nighter spray has been raved about in the beauty blogging community for a very long time, and it's especially useful in the hot weather. The spray will firstly refresh the skin after applying makeup and also, keep the makeup from sliding round the face as you perspire throughout the day. It's one of my favourite steps to summer makeup, and I couldn't recommend it enough.

Mac's 'Lady Danger' matte lipstick

I'm a massive fan of bright lipsticks in the summer time, as with a tan, they look even better. When I've got that summer glow, I love to rock a orange lip especially (which I'm sure I've mentioned over and over) and my favourite is Mac's Lady Danger. It's a matte lipstick and a combination of a red and orange colour, swaying towards slightly bright orange. It pairs well with a golden cheek glow, gold eye shadow and bronzed skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your go to summer makeup products?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. The L'Oréal primer looks so cool! My favourite products for summer are definitely the Essence Gym-Proof Primer and the Nyx Dewy Setting Spray!😊

    Shirley |

  2. So many fab products! I love Lady Danger, orange toned lipsticks are perfect for Summer xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. That lipstick shade is gorgeous! My go to summer products are the revolution concealer, a pink matte lip & mascara. I don't like wearing too much when it's hot!

  4. I had forgotten how good The falsies were! I need to buy that again. Lovely post!



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