May favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! As I say pretty much every single month - these past few weeks have literally flown by, and I can't believe we're now in June. There has been a fair few events in May, and with that, I've got a couple of favourites to share with you.

Here are my May favourites...

May favourites

Palmer's natural bronze body lotion

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been dabbling into the world of fake tan and recently began using Palmer's natural body lotion. It's proved to be a pretty fabulous tanning product, with an even coverage, creamy texture and natural-looking colour. I've written a full review of the body lotion if you'd like a more in-depth review.

Urban Decay's all-nighter setting spray

Urban Decay's all-nighter setting spray has been hyped in the beauty community for a while now, and I can see why, it's a lifesaver for long-wearing makeup days. In May, I've had a few events where I needed to wear makeup longer than usual and this setting spray has really come in handy. I noticed quite a difference in my makeup wear when using this spray - my makeup looked fresher and lasted that little bit longer throughout the day. I also like how fast this setting spray dries  - you spray it and after a few seconds, it'll sink into the skin.

May favourites

Zoella Beauty 'snow polished exfoliator'

As summer season comes into play, I tend to exfoliate a little bit more as essentially I'll be wearing dresses and shorts, that I want my skin to look smoother. The product I've been absolutely loving for this is Zoella Beauty's 'snow polished'. The exfoliator is ever so gentle on the skin, but rough enough to really feel like it's doing the job. It has quite a sweet and fresh scent, and when accompanies with the moisturiser leaves a lovely lingering smell.

Benefit's Hoola bronzer

If you've been following my blog for a while then you'd know I'm a massive bronzer fan. Benefit's Hoola is one of my ultimate favourites, and this month it has been part of my everyday makeup routine. The bronzer doubles up as an all-over bronzing product and contours well, it holds a strong contour and, is the perfect brown tone for a bronzed look.

Asos Petite metallic tulle mini dress 

Towards the end of this month I had a summer ball and for the event, I purchased this beautiful metallic tulle mini dress from Asos. I absolutely fell in love with this dress - to me it was a combination between a princess and ballerina frock. Even though I only wore it once, I couldn't help mention the dress in my favourites as it is stunning and I felt super body confident rocking it.

I hope you enjoyed these favourites! Which products have you been loving this month?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Benefit Hoola is such a cult product! Lovely post, Della xx

  2. Never tried any if these products but they sound really good! To be honest, there weren't really make-up products or skincare products that I really liked this month, but I also didn't try anything new. Lovely blog post, Della! 😊

    Shirley |

    1. If you get to try any, let me know! Thank you lovely xx

  3. I am in the market for a new setting spray and might have to try that Urban Decay one! Great post Della!

  4. I LOVE the Benefit Hoola bronzer and I think I've used it for almost two weeks straight so far haha

  5. Absolutely love Benefit Hoola - it's my favourite bronzer! I really want to try the Urban Decay All Nighter spray - I've heard lots of good things about it!

  6. Great products! I LOVE the Palmers coco butter gradual tan, its one of my favs.


  7. Love the Hoola bronzer and the UD setting spray!

  8. The All nighter spray has been on my list, so I will definitely give it a go! great review I am loving the Galloway & White mask too! Really brightens the skin! x


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