Review: T-Zone skincare's 'Charcoal and Bamboo' range

Well hello to you my reader chums! With skincare, I tend to stick to an everyday routine but love getting the chance to try new products and see how they work with my skin. When the brand, T-Zone skincare got in touch asking if they could send me their 'Charcoal and Bamboo' range, I couldn't jump at the chance quick enough. I've heard many great things about charcoal products and couldn't wait to see how they would work with my combination skin type.

Here's a full review of T-Zone skincare's 'Charcoal and Bamboo' range.

T-Zone Charcoal and Bambo skincare range review

I'm very lucky in the fact that I've never had problematic skin. All through my teenage years, I had clear skin and it was only going on for the age of 18, I started getting spots, mainly on the forehead/chin area. Even so, it was never cause for concern; a facemask, sudocrem, regular skincare routine and good diet would always put my skin back on track. However, from time to time I do get the odd breakout and love nothing more than trying products to draw these impurities out - and that's the whole reason why I've been loving this range. 

Black Peel Off Mask - £4.99

If you've been on any social media platform lately, you would have seen the videos of people pulling off charcoal masks. Imagine that and then imagine me having the same reaction. Despite the slight pain of peeling off the mask, this product does absolute wonders for my skin. It takes around half an hour to fully set and then you're able to peel it off. The consistency is quite gooey, similar to a glue material but a lot less sticky. This mask clings to the skin easily and after the half hour is ready to peel off with ease. When applying, I mainly focused on the forehead, chin, nose and lower section of my cheeks. It's advised to avoid the eye area as the skin is a lot more sensitive, and the same with eyebrows because you can easily pull out a few hairs.

After I pulled off the mask, my skin felt lighter, refreshed and insanely soft, like all the impurities had been dragged out. I genuinely felt as if I had a fresh layer of skin! My boyfriend also tried this out a few times and he absolutely loved it, leaving his skin feeling the same has mine; he wanted to keep on using it again and again. I would highly recommend this product. Not only does it leave the skin looking fab but it's always funny doing it with a partner because you can watch each other peel off the mask.

Black Cleansing Wipes - £2.99

A lot of beauty gurus shy away from wipes as they're not meant to be best for the skin, however I was super intrigued by these cleansing wipes. The wipes are black in colour (which surprised me at first) and are slightly rougher than your typical makeup wipe. As they have that rough edge, it helped wipe away the makeup easier but also felt as it was doing a deeper clean. With these cleansing wipes, I think it's best to wipe over once to remove the makeup and use another one to go over for a quick cleanse.

Nose Pore Strips - £4.99

I've always wanted to try out nose pore strips, however I never got round to buying some that I couldn't wait to give these a go when they arrived. These strips are easy to apply; first you cleanse the skin, then wet the nose and stick it on. It says leave for 5-10 minutes but I always left it a bit longer so it can draw out as many impurities as possible. My friends and I all tried these on a girls night in and were thoroughly impressed. The strips stuck on and peeled off with ease, taking away all the pores and impurities in the nose area. It's such a satisfying sensation and I love how they really do the job - I can't wait to repurchase.

T-Zone Charcoal and Bambo skincare range review

No Shine Papers - £2.99

I've seen this sort of 'No Shine Paper' product before but never actually gave it a go. The papers claim to remove excess oil without taking off makeup and I can honestly say, they did just that. I've given them a try after a day at work, where I simply dab it on my t-zone area and it takes away all the oil. Apart from the fact the oily part of the skin is now gone, my makeup remained exactly as it was prior and looked better for it. The 'No Shine Papers' are incredibly thin, almost like tissue paper and can easily be carried on the go. If you have an oily t-zone like me, these are a life saver to use during a long day or on a night out, instead of topping up your makeup.

I'm seriously impressed with T-Zone skincare's 'Charcoal and Bamboo' range. Every product I've tried is of top quality and leaves the skin feeling insanely good. Also, the cost is so affordable, you won't need to buy any overpriced charcoal products again. T-Zone's skincare ranges from £2.50-£5 and you can buy it at Superdrug, online and in store.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried T-Zone skincare's 'Charcoal and Bamboo' range?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Oh I have used those nose pore strips, I love them too! I really need to try the rest of the products!xxx

  2. I've never tried this brand, but now I have to!😊 Lovely blog post, Della!😊✨

    Shirley |

    1. Hope you like the brand lovely - thank you xx

  3. I've never heard of this brand! Love your honesty xx

  4. I've been looking for a more affordable charcoal products! Will definitely give these a look in

  5. How affordable is this brand! So informative everyone should know about this xx

  6. I've not heard of these before, they sound interesting!


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