6 ways to save money in Copenhagen

Well hello to you my reader chums! Copehangen is one of those cities that has a completely different appeal to it, compared to many other European capitals I've visited. It has a calm atmosphere like no other and doesn't feel touristy at all - I loved it. Prior to my trip, I heard many people say how expensive Copenhagen was, and the ways to avoid it. As I was on a budget during my short break, I picked up a few ways to save the pennies and thought I'd share that wisdom to stay in budget. 

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Here are 6 ways to save money in Copenhagen...

6 ways to save money in Copenhagen

Stay out of the city centre

Undoubtedly, like all cities, staying in the centre can typically cost more than accommodation further out. Nørrebro, a residential neighborhood, proved a lot cheaper to stay than near the main sights. The neighbourhood was only a 15-minute walk from the tube station and a couple of stops from all the tourist areas. It also had a lovely, homely and safe appeal about it!

I also opted for an Airbnb instead of a hotel, as again it worked out a lot cheaper, and was located in the heart of Nørrebro.

Buy a tube pass

If you are staying slightly away from the city centre, the tube system is your best pal. Although Copenhagen doesn't have a very large tube system at all (there are only 2 lines), each stop is in walking reach to the popular tourist attractions. With that in mind, I'd recommend buying a tube pass as you're able to hop on and off whenever you please over the course of a few days. They offer either a day pass, 2, 3 or more at different prices. I bought the 3 day one for £25 and for the amount of time I used it, I really got my money's worth. Alterntaively, there are buses or you can hire a bike to get around (but it can work out pretty pricey)

Walk everywhere

With any city, you can get a proper feel of it when you take a walk. You'll discover hidden streets and restaurants off the beaten path which you wouldn't see otherwise if you didn't take a walk. It doesn't necessarily have to be throughout the whole trip, but if the weather is nice, you could take a 15 minute walk instead of getting the tube or bus.

6 ways to save money in Copenhagen

Eat away from tourist traps

Copenhagen is very expensive to eat, especially in the centre near all the tourist attractions and that's why I'd recommend finding eateries further out. I found Nørrebro to have some beautiful independent restaurants and brunch places for very reasonable prices - so we mainly dined there to save on the pennies.
Take advantage of free things to do

Not all tourist attractions cost money, and in Copenhagen there are plenty of free things to do. Take a stroll down the famous Nyvhan Harbour, see the Little Mermaid statue, visit the many parks, check out some of the free museums or even witness the change of guards - there's more than you think on offer.

Have a everyday budget  

The key when it comes to saving money on a trip is having a budget for each day. I like to have a rough set amount for each day but also take into consideration what I'll be doing each day. For instance, if I'm going to go to visit the castle, palace and head out for dinner that day, I'll need to have a slightly larger budget than the day I'm heading for a stroll round the harbour and to see the Little Mermaid. It's all about keeping in your means, and setting a certain amount for activity.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your money saving tips in Copenhagen?

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  1. This is so handy because my boyfriend, some friends and I are going to Copenhagen pretty soon! Lovely blog post, Della!😊

    Shirley | https://shirleycuypers.blogspot.be

    1. Oh that's great thank you - glad you enjoyed it lovely xx

  2. Really interesting and useful tips! Thank you

  3. Much needed post. I am planning a trip to Copenhagen (probably in the spring, hopefully) and I know that it is sooo expensive there! Great post, hun x


  4. I'm planning to go to Copenhagen next summer and this is such a helpful post! Your right about walking places you really do see more of a city if you walk

  5. It's no secret that we all have to follow our own budget to be able to afford even just the basics nowadays.SovereignBoss


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