Revlon vs Maybelline | Cream eye shadows

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a massive cream eye shadow fan. As I have slightly oily eyelids, I find without a primer/base, my eye shadow doesn't last long without creasing, despite the quality of products used. This means I'm forever on the hunt to find the next best cream eye shadow or primer to give me long-lasting eye makeup, all day long.

I've tested from high street to high-end eye shadow bases and have found my favourite two, but which one works the best?

Revlon vs Maybelline | Cream eye shadows

Revlon's colour stay cream eye shadow in '705'

Revlon's eye shadow bases are a great asset to their product line. When I saw the glimmering champagne shade, I couldn't be more excited to purchase and give it a go. For daytime looks, using eyeshadow, I tend to always go for a creamy, champagne eye to add that little sparkle to my makeup. I', always on the hunt for a base that would not only hold the eye makeup in place but add that extra bit of shimmer. 

Revlon's crème eye shadow in '705' does just that. It's not overly glittery, however, it's sparkly enough to be noticeable on the eyelid. The consistency is very soft and easy to blend all over the lid with your fingers. There is a brush available but I always find with cream products, fingers are best. Even though the consistency is creamy, it's not too wet and sticky that it goes everywhere. 

The base sets quite quickly on the eyes, allowing you to blend as you please and speed up the eye makeup process. I'd describe the shade as a washed-out champagne colour, ideal for a subtle base. Every time I'm looking for that dreamy champagne eye, this has been my go-to and I couldn't recommend it more. For the quality, you'd think the base would cost more than the high street price tag. The lasting power is close to perfection, clinging onto shadows for the whole working day and preventing creasing in every way it can.

Maybelline colour tattoo in 'Crème de nude'

Maybelline's colour tattoos have been raved about in the beauty blogging community for years now. I remember the day when 'on and on bronze' was the key to everybody's makeup look. Even though they're not the centre of bloggers world anymore, they haven't lost their touch in the slightest. 

I picked up one of the shades 'Crème de nude', a matte nude colour. Similar to the Revlon base, I also was on the hunt for a light matte base, to use on days where I'd prefer a really simple eye look with no shimmer. Maybelline had come to my savour once again! The colour is quite a yellow-toned nude, ideal to wash out any discolouration on the lids and provide a clean base ready for shadows. Its consistency is soft, yet a little tough and takes that bit longer to work onto the eye. However, the product is slightly tacky which helps layer shadows on easy and makes them last a lot longer. With the simple colouration, inexpensive price tag and long-wearing ability, 'crème de nude' is up there with all the other excellent Maybelline colour tattoos.

Revlon vs Maybelline | Cream eye shadows

Revlon vs Maybelline | Cream eye shadows swatches

Which cream eye shadow is best?

Given how much I love both of these eye shadows, it's hard to weigh the two up. However, with the consistency, if you'd prefer a slightly softer base, Revlon would be the one to go for or to have a slightly tackier and thick base, then Maybelline will have my vote. 

Maybelline's colour tattoo is more pigmented than the Revlon option, but I would put that down to it being a matte product. When it comes to lasting power, they're both on a similar level with Revlon I'd say going slightly above Maybelline. Overall, there's not much in it - with similar colouring and lasting power, I think it all goes down to preference whether you prefer a matte to a shimmer. For eye shadow, I love a bit of glitter so Revlon's cream shadow is the winner for me.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Which is your favourite eye shadow base?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I've actually never tried the maybelline colour tatto even though everyone raves about! I really need to!! I've never heard of the reckon one but it equally sounds just as good!

    1. Give them both a go and let me know what you think! xx

  2. I've never tried the Revlon shadows but I love the Maybelline ones, they last so well!

    Emily xo

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