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Well hello to you my reader chums! On the Saturday just gone, I was lucky to attend the last show of the LouiseLive tour by an inspiring lady, Louise Pentland aka Sprinkleofglitter. Being the day before my birthday, it was such an amazing way to kick start it! On Saturday morning, chummy and I headed to London for a quick detour trip to Convent Garden ( where I made a splurge in Mac), enjoyed a scrummy lunch and then headed to the theatre buzzing with excitement for LouiseLive!

Here's us on the train journey above.
Once we entered the theatre, all the decoration was typical Louise with bursts of pink everywhere, that screamed cuteness! When buying the tickets, I just missed out on V.I.P, however I was lucky enough to get seats in row C which was extremely close to the front. 
All audience members received a signed card on our chairs, which was a lovely touch, as you can see above.
As you can imagine, when Louise came on stage the crowd went wild, with Louise presenting herself amazingly straight away. She began with an array of jokes, where the continuous laughter didn't end, at moments I was genuinely crying from her funny stories and sarcastic comments (mainly about Jack). 
I knew from her videos and for watching her for several years how funny and bubbly her personality would be, yet the show was amplified even more with it being very upbeat the whole way through. I was constantly engaged and the whole thing was thought out making every detail just fabulous- I loved it. For the Q &A's, she brought people on stage and gave them the chance of having a conversation with her, which was lovely. Another unique point was when she called people out from the crowd, making everyone in the room feel included and like they were all getting special treatment. I even got a happy birthday shout out when she asked if anyone had any birthday's coming up. This for me, was a highlight moment because after watching her for a couple of years, I had the chance of actually speaking to Louise herself.

Another segment towards the beginning, was when all the crowd had to shout out a saying from three of her best friends - my group was the Hazel Hayes one!

When there was the second Q&A for the under 16s, Dean Dobbs was called up as a joke which made it even more funny!

The last part of the show was the most serious and inspiring section. It was all about body confidence, an area which has taken a while for me to overcome. Louise basically got everyone to stand up and stay standing if they've ever said or felt bad about their appearance over a certain amount of time. She started at a year period and then went to the current day, where the majority of the audience were still standing. At this point, I felt so emotional as mostly everyone including myself had felt bad about themselves in some way. She then got us to look around the theatre and raise our hands if anyone looked bad or ugly, which resulted in nobody raising their hands. The overall point being, that we treat ourselves harshly on how we look than what strangers that we've never met will. What I took from this was, every little flaw I have is okay and its okay to have a bad hair day or for my makeup not to be perfect because we're all beautiful individuals and nobody else in the world is like us. I felt so inspired and uplifted leaving that theatre, like a small weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I can't even explain to you how much it meant to me seeing one of my idols live and for her to touch me in such a way. Over the growth I've had in my self confidence through the past year, just hearing Louise say those lovely words of wisdom made me feel much happier about myself.

I got the chance of meeting Jack Howard and Lily Pebbles as a few of Louise's friends were at the show!

Overall, I'd say what an absolute incredible show with comedy, humour and inspirational tips intertwined into one! Thank you for making me feel included, inspired, for the genuine tears of laughter Louise and for all those years where you've made me smile! Congratulations on such a fabulous tour!

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Glad you had such a great birthday!

  2. I am kind of jealous that you got the opportunity to go to LouiseLive.
    She is a genuine woman. I sometimes question some youtubers and their motives but not really in the case of Louise.


    1. She is so genuine, I completely agree! Maybe you can go next time? :)

  3. Sounds amazing! I wondered what went on in the show so I was really interested in this post. I have loved Louise for a long time, she is very sweet, funny and inspiring :) x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

    1. Aww yay thank you! Same here, I completely agree :) x

  4. Oh my god!! I am so jealous! You got to meet Lily and Jack Howard! You are so lucky!! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogging award, all details are on my blog :) http://lifewithbbb.blogspot.co.uk xxx


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