Inspirational living: Being positive

Well hello to you my reader chums! As a little beginning/mid-week pick me up, I wanted to start this series called 'Inspirational living'. Every so often, I want to write a little post to give my readers an extra ounce of positivity and hope. Each post, I'll talk about something different in order to hopefully spread my positivity and happiness with you all.

Today's topic is simply: Being positive. Positivity is something everybody needs, it helps you feel better about yourself, your life and can leave an effect on others. In my opinion its a way of life, ' a negative mind will never give you a positive life'. What I take from this quote is that if you're negative about every scenario which occurs, there will be no positive outcome because you are unable to see a bad situation in a hopeful light.
Here's my top 5 tips to keep positive:

1) Find something good in everyday -  When you're having a bad day where everything goes wrong and you want to give up, stop for a second and think. Think about something that day which has made you smile. It can be the smallest thing from your makeup looking nice, getting a smile off a stranger or even a funny conversation you had. No matter what's gone on in the day, there is always a positive aspect. If nothing particular comes to mind, think about the bigger areas of your life such as friends, family, your job or hobbies, an area which can always make you smile.

2) Stop comparing -  Comparing yourself to others is probably one of the most natural things, yet has such a negative impact on our lives. Whether its comparing your appearance or the success of somebody else, both can turn the positivity you have in yourself into a negative. Therefore, instead of comparing, admire. What I mean by this is if you see someone and they have a really nice haircut for example, instead of thinking 'I wish I looked like that', think 'what a lovely haircut she/he has' and then find something you love about yourself to simply not compare what the other person has, however admires both that person and yourself.

3) Don't be so hard on yourself - Linking to the comparing point, being hard on yourself  in whatever it may be will put you back into a pessimistic mindset. All you can ever do is try your best, meaning it doesn't matter if you didn't get the top mark on a test or your blog isn't as big as many others for instance, you're trying and you will succeed in all you put your mind to. Success doesn't occur over night, it takes time, hard work and focus. Next time you're hard on yourself for any reason, just think I gave it my all and if you didn't next time show what you can do and go for it! 

4) Dream big - Being positive about a lot of things will make your grow your mind and lead you to think of bigger dreams for the future. 'Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground'. This quote means, carry on dreaming and aspire to do things beyond your wildest imagination, yet understand at the same time it means hard work and courage. Nothing is easy but continually working will always pay off.

5) Live every day as an adventure - I've come across this saying lately and I love it. To me this quote suggests, take every day and make it a good one. Capture those memories, have a laugh, stop worrying and be happy. 

This post something a little bit different to write about and I do hope you took some joy from it!

Thank you for reading <3


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  5. Such a lovely idea for a series! I love the points you've made : )

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