Review: Nic's picks Real Techniques brush set

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I thought I'd do a review on a brush set which I picked up last month and have been loving, the limited edition Nic's Picks Real Techniques set. It comes with 5 brushes, 2 face and 3 eye brushes, all of which have a stunning silver exterior and are incredibly soft. As a big lover of the Real Technique brushes, I gave into temptation when I saw these and as they're limited edition it makes them even more special.

Nic's picks Real Techniques brush set

Real Tecniques Duo- Fibre brush

The biggest brush in the set is the duo-fibre face brush. Initially, I was unsure about what purpose this brush was for because its very light and not designed for packing on too much product. However, because of this, I found it perfect to apply highly pigmented face products such as the Sleek blushes as it applies the perfect amount of blush and is oh so light and soft on the skin.

Real Techniques duo fibre brush

Real Techniques Cheek Brush

The other face brush in the set is the cheek brush, a total opposite to the duo-fibre brush. This brush is very dense, ideal for holding lots of colour and blending. Its the perfect shape to apply blusher onto the cheeks and to contour with. As its such a dense brush too, it'll be great for blending in foundation/BB cream because as I said it holds colour and would be easy to blend in circular motions all over the face. This brush is one of the most versatile brushes in the set and I just love it! 

Real Techniques cheek brush

Real Techniques Angled Shadow Brush

The first eye brush is the angled shadow brush, out of the set, this one is my favourite. It is the softest brush I've ever had and blends eye shadows like a dream. As the brush is angled, it helps get into the crease easier and makes blending eye shadow quicker and simpler. If you're into smokey eyes, this is the brush for you because it'll achieve a perfectly blended smokey eye. Another use would be for under eye concealer because it is again the perfect shape and as its very soft, it won't tug on the skin of the sensitive area under the eyes.

Real Techniques angled shadow brush

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

Another eye brush is the base shadow brush, just like the angled brush, it's extremely soft. I love this brush especially because it's amazing at packing colour onto the lid. This and the angled brush are the best duos, where the base shadow brush packs on all the colours and the angled one blend it into a beautiful eye look.

Real Techniques base shadow brush

Real Techniques Eyeliner Brush

The last brush is the eyeliner brush and the only one I haven't used out of this set. Despite this as its quite soft and flexible, I think it'll be lovely to apply lipstick with it because as its angled, it'll be good for the outline. Also, as its a rather small brush, it would be ideal to blend out lipstick if you wanted a more natural look and to tone the colour or pigmentation of the lipstick down.

Overall, this is one of my favourite sets of Real Technique brushes ( which is a big statement because I do have a big love for my many other ones). In my opinion, it has a variety of use for all different elements of makeup looks and all the brushes are very soft! These are limited edition so if I was you I'd grab them whilst you can, I got mine for around the £20 mark.

I hope you enjoyed this review, have any of you tried these brushes?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Great post! =] Ima get me a set I think xx.

  2. I have these brushes, and I love them, they are so versatile.

  3. Great review you can never have too many brushes hehe xox


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