Dance show 2014 ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Yesterday I took part in my yearly dance showcase. I've been taking part for the past five years and sadly this was my last one. Through these years I've built my confidence and found myself as a dancer. In particular these past three years because we had a new dance teacher who has honestly been amazing. I had her through my last GCSE year and in sixth form. I absolutely love dance in sixth form because we've become like a little family and we always have a laugh! As it was the last show yesterday it was rather emotional and I honestly can't believe I'm leaving school in June! Here's some pics of the day:
                                                                        Laura and I

                                                                   Danielle and I

                                                              Love this one, it cracks me up!

                                                                         Gee and I

                                                                      Jess and I

                                                                 Maria and I

                                The little card miss wrote us which we all got emotional about!

                                                                      Jess, Mel and I

                                                                Mel and I 

                                                                    Lauren and I

The show was literally so much fun this year, I had an amazing night! We definitely went out with a bang and I'm really proud of us all! All the hard work has paid off! Love my dance girlies ❤

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed  ❤

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