#BritishBloggerSelection: Q&A/interview!

Well hello to you my reader chums!

As I missed week one of the #BritishBloggerSelection, I'm moving swiftly on to week 2! This week is a Q&A so hopefully this will help you learn more about all the other bloggers and I ! :)

Question one: Why do like blogging?
I like blogging because its a space where I can write down all my thoughts and ideas on products I've been loving or just anything in general. I've always loved writing and creating a blog gave me an opportunity to write again in my spare time. Whenever I blog, it makes me feel happy and always makes me smile, the blogging community is just an amazing place! Bit cheesy but its true :)
Question 2: How did you come up with your blog name?
Oooh this is a hard one! I have no idea, I think the name DellaLovesNutella,I just thought of one day and it just stuck in my mind that I thought I should use it for something. After I finally plucked up the courage and started my blog, this is the name I used because I just loved it and nutella is my favourite food.
Question 3: Where in the UK are you from?
I'm from Kent, which is in the South East of England.
Question 4: Favourite colour:
This definitely has be purple! I've always loved that colour, although when I was little it used to be yellow. Cute story: When my twin sister and I were younger she loved green and I loved yellow so all my things were yellow and hers were green. Then as we grew older my favourite colour was purple and hers was pink meaning the same thing happened!
Question 5: Do you like Lana Del Ray?
Hmm never really listened to her music that much to have an opinion. However I do love her song Summertime Sadness!
Question 6: Hidden talents that you have?
I'm not really sure if I have any hidden talents, however I get a lot of compliments on my make up by people so I guess that but its not really a hidden one.
Question 7: Celebrity crush?
Oooh Harry Styles and George Shelley! I'm a huge directioner and Jcat! Also I'm in love with Alfie from Pointlessblog.
Question 8: Favourite blog of all time?
Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter! Both of them were the reason I got into blogging.
Question 9: What made you want to join #BritishBloggerSelection?
I wanted to join because it would give me the chance to read even more blogs from the blogger community and find out about other bloggers.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and found out more about me! <3


  1. I have tagged you in the Confessions of a Beauty Blogger :D Come check it out here http://itsmemelblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/confessions-of-beauty-blogger-followed.html

  2. Loved reading your answers! xx



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