Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Creative Christmas gift guide

Well hello to you my reader chums! The holiday season has truly began - Christmas lights are brightening up every town and festivities underway with that rush of present shopping commencing everywhere. This season makes my heart fuzzy; the good will towards others, cosiness of nights in and memorable moments with your loved ones, gives us time to reflect. Present planning for Christmas is my favourite thing to do as I love nothing more than giving and sharing my adoration for others.

Gift guides are some of my favourite posts to read, a Lush cosmetics stocking filler or the latest Urban Decay palette is what every blogger wishes for as a gift under the tree. However, I wanted to my gift guide to be a bit different this year, sharing diverse, creative gift ideas you give or make for your loved ones this Christmas. Lets take a look:

Christmas gidt guide

An experience day

Whether it's a trip to the theatre, spa day or the afternoon tea bus in London, there's plenty of experience days and vouchers on offer. You can arrange a day of paint balling, trip to Harry Potter Studios or even a photoshoot, the list is endless. For theatre tickets, I always use Love Theatre for the best deals and seats ( sign up to their emails as they're constantly sending through the latest offer.) Wowcher, Groupon, Treatwell and many more sites provide a constant stream of different experience day out ideas. For a present on the more expensive side, you could book a weekend away or even a hot air balloon ride; go wild this Christmas time!

Photo album

Christmas is a time for loved ones to get together so what better gift than a photo album? If for your partner or best friend, you could compile all the photos of your recent holiday and put them in a album, then get a bit crafty sticking on letters 'Italy 2016' for instance. Hobby Craft is the perfect shop to buy any arts and crafts stickers or trinkets to personalise a gift with. Alternatively, you could make a family album for your parents or siblings and fill it with your favourite snaps over the years; the personalisation is for your creative freedom to run wild.


Many high street and department stores sell stunning hampers consisting of food, pampering or makeup but why not be creative and make your own? It'll be an enjoyable activity and you would have put your personal stamp on a gift. There's loads of different hampers you can do, but my favourite idea is the 'ultimate movie night'. Buy a few DVDs, favourite snacks, comfy socks and wrap them all up in cellophane. You could be even more creative and make your own cinema tickets or themed accessories to go alongside the gift. A self care hamper is also another lovely idea. Fill it with candles, face masks, lip balm, hot chocolate and food goodies for any perfect pamper night in.

Personalised gifts

There's many other ways to give a personalised gift. Blow up your favourite image together on a canvas, purchase a piece of jewellery engraved or make a scrapbook of your best moments together. With many websites personalising items for you, design your own t-shirt, mug or teddy bear, options are widely available.

The happiness jar

Christmas is all about the happy moments so why not spread that love with some positivity? This is where the happiness jar comes into play. It can be a small or big jar filled with quotes, memories and chocolates to show the recipient how much you mean to them. Either a stocking filler or for a main gift, the gesture is one anybody would appreciate.

I hope you enjoyed this different style Christmas gift guide. What other creative ideas do you have?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I LOVE the happiness jar idea!! I did something similar for myself once where I wrote down something good that happened in the new year and put it in a jar then opened it at the end to look back on everything great that happened in that year!

    1. Thank you so much! Oh I love that idea, I did it a few years back :) xx

  2. Such good ideas! Loooove the happiness jar idea! Fab post! Rachel xxx

  3. I absolutely love these ideas! Getting creative was something I wanted to do this month, I love the photo album as a present!
    Sharon x

    1. Thank you so much!! Nothing better than getting creative xx

  4. So helpful! Love it x

    Morgan // www.justmorgs.com

  5. Experience days are great! Especially as you get older you find you have everything you want so making memories is great :)

    Terri X

    1. This is so true! I much prefer experience days to presents xx

  6. All these ideas are really good. The experience day gift is my favourite one. Thanks for sharing!


  7. aww this idea is so cute. Handmade things are the best in my opinion and it just looks like it's made with a lot of love! i love this post aw! x


    1. Thank you so much! I love homemade gifts xx

  8. Aw I love all of these ideas! Personal / personalised or handmade gifts are so great to make and recieve!

    Eloise x

  9. I love these ideas! The hamper/happiness jar are my favourites. I think they're super personal to the person and can easily be switched up! Fab post!


  10. Great ideas! thanks for sharing lovely xXx


  11. Such a fun post! Love some of these ideas!!



  12. These are such great ideas! I am a fan of personalized items :)

  13. Love these ideas! Thank you for sharing, great post! Xx


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