Review: Nic's picks Real Techniques brush set

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I thought I'd do a review on a brush set which I picked up last month and have been loving, the limited edition Nic's Picks Real Techniques set. It comes with 5 brushes, 2 face and 3 eye brushes, all of which have a stunning silver exterior and are incredibly soft. As a big lover of the Real Technique brushes, I gave into temptation when I saw these and as they're limited edition it makes them even more special!

The biggest brush in the set is the duo-fiber face brush. Initially I was unsure on what purpose this brush was for because its very light and not designed for packing on too much product. However because of this, I found its perfect to apply highly pigmented face products such as the Sleek blushes as it applies the perfect amount of blush and is oh so light and soft on the skin.

The other face brush in the set is the cheek brush, a total opposite to the duo-fiber brush. This brush is very dense, ideal for holding lots of colour and blending. Its the perfect shape to apply blusher onto the cheeks and to contour with. As its such a dense brush too, it'll be great for blending in foundation/BB cream because as I said it holds colour and would be easy to blend in circular motions all over the face. This brush is one of the most versatile brushes in the set and I just love it! 

The first eye brush is the angled shadow brush, out of the set, this one is my favourite. It is the softest brush I've ever had and blends eye shadows like a dream. As the brush is angled, it helps get into the crease easier and makes blending eye shadow quicker and simpler. If you're into smokey eyes, this is the brush for you because it'll achieve a perfect blended smokey eye. Another use would be for under eye concealer because it is again the perfect shape and as its very soft, it won't tug on the skin of the sensitive area under the eyes.

Another eye brush is the base shadow brush, just like the angled brush its extremely soft. I love this brush especially because its amazing at packing colour onto the lid. This and the angled brush are the best duo, where the base shadow brush packs on all the colours and the angled one blends it into a beautiful eye look.

The last brush is the eyeliner brush and the only one I haven't used out of this set. Despite this as its quite soft and flexible, I think it'll be lovely to apply lipstick with because as its angled, it'll be good for the outline. Also, as its a rather small brush, it would be ideal to blend out lipstick if you wanted a more natural look and to tone the colour or pigmentation of the lipstick down.

Overall, this is one of my favourite sets of Real Technique  brushes ( which is a big statement because I do have a big love for my many other ones). In my opinion, it has a variety of use for all different elements of makeup looks and all the brushes are very soft! These are limited edition so if I was you I'd grab them whilst you can, I got mine for around the £20 mark.

I hope you enjoyed this review, have any of you tried these brushes?

Thank you for reading <3

Shane Filan's 'You and me' tour with chummy

Well hello to you my reader chums! On Thursday night, Danielle and I went to Shane Filan's tour, as avid Westlife fans we were super excited to go see him! The night was amazing, we had such a unforgettable time, it's lovely to spend those moments with my best friend! The opening act was Ben Montague who had a beautiful voice and was absolutely hilarious, a proper crowd pleaser. We were able to get the chance to meet him and he was such a genuine, happy guy! Onto when Shane came on, the crowd went wild, everyone was so excited to see him come on stage. With many Westlife classics, some covers and a few of his own songs, the night was a memorable one, bringing me back to those days where my mum used to always listen to the songs and the skype calls chummy and I had singing Westlife! My favourite moment was when 'Flying without wings' was sung, it's one of my favourite Westlife songs and it was incredible hearing it live and singing along. Thursday was just a perfect evening and I would love to go back and experience it all again!
Here are some pictures from the night:

Danielle and I <3

Ben Montague opening the show with an array of sensational songs, he has the most spectacular voice!

I got the chance to meet Ben and we took an ace selfie if I must say so myself, he was one of the most friendliest people I've ever met!

This is when Shane sung Uptown girl, which definitely got the crowd going! I loved the backdrop, very 1950s.

Two more shots of Shane singing. I'd love to go see him again, I can't express to you how much fun we both had!

Another picture of Danielle and I <3

I hope you liked this little post on a very memorable night of Shane Filan's tour! Are any of you big Westlife fans like me and went to Shane's tour? :)

Thank you for reading <3 

Winter lips ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today, as we're into Winter now I'd thought I would  share with you my go to autumn/ winter lip products. To me this time of year makeup wise is all about burgundy/ berry lips in the autumn and as it gets nearer to Christmas, I  love a red lip as it adds to the festive feel. I went through my lip collection which has been growing lately because I have now gained an obsession with lipsticks, and picked out 6 different options I love to wear in this season.
Here they are, I picked a choice of lipsticks and lip lacquers/ lip glosses:

As you can tell by the swatches, they are all very similar in colour varying from a bright glossy red, to a glossy dark red, some matte berry shades and a vampier glossy shade.

The first lip product I'm going to talk about is this lip lacquer by MUA called 'Reckless'. This is a very recent purchase which I bought yesterday, despite this I've had my eye on it for a while and have swatched it before. I tested it out last night and oh my gosh it is beautiful on the lips! It gives a lovely dark red shiny gloss finish and has the greatest pigmentation. I think because of the shinyness, it would be perfect for a christmas party. Costing only £3, it's extremely inexpensive and has great lasting power. I would say however that it isn't very moisturising on the lips.

The next lip product is a lipstick from Topshop called 'beguiled'. I love this lipstick, its a matte, burgundy/ purple shade. Out of them all, I'm showing you, I'd say this one is the most vampy colour. This lipstick is for those people who are brave enough to pull off the purply/vampy lip look. I used to always wear it to parties and nights out, its just such a beautiful colour. I think it's great fot this time of year. The lipstick does last for a good couple of hours, is very moisturising on the lips and gives an amazing matte finish, a total recommend for you darker lip lovers out there!

Another lip product, the most perfect red lipstick in my opinion is Rimmel's Kate's range in shade 01. There is just something about Kate's range which is amazing! With ultra moisturisation on the lips, a forever lasting power and the nicest matte shade, you can't go wrong with this one if I must say. I love wearing this, as its red, it also gets me in the festive spirit! If you've seen my previous blogs, you'd know I've show this in a makeup tutorial, I love pairing it with bronze eyes and winged liner.  For £5/6 is a must buy!
Another from Kate's range, which I've shown in a lot of blogs lately as I have gained a huge obsession with it, is Kate's lipstick in shade 107. Ahh, this lipstick just screams autum to me! It's the prettiest berry/burgundy shade. Compared to 'beguiled', I'd say 107 is more berry toned and 'beguiled' is more purple toned, yet they are very similar shades. Exactly like shade 01, 107 has amazing lasting power, is really moisturising and looks fabulous. Everytime I wear this, I feel sophisticated and special, it adds that extra something to your outfit. For the inexpensive price, its such good quality, I would definitely recommend.

The next two lip products are from Barry M's loud mouth range. The two shades are ' Diva' and 'Tease'. ' Diva' is a burgundy dark shade, which has a beautful sheen over the top, giving it more of a ligloss look than a lipstick. As it has this shine, it's not as vampy as previous lipsticks I've shown. 'Tease' is a bright red shade, out of the other lip products is one of the lightest and brightest. Just like 'Diva' it has this shine over the top giving it a glossy red look rather than a matte finish. I think both of these shades are perfect for people who prefer the finish of a lipgloss but like the pigmentation of a lipstick. They don't last as long as the lipsticks I've shown, yet I think they could add a little something to a make up look with the high level of pigmentaion. Both of them are around the £4 mark I believe.

I hope you enjoyed this post on all my favourite Winter lipstick picks!
Thank you for reading <3

Top 10 under £10 beauty products ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I thought I'd do a slightly different post and share with you my top ten under £10 beauty products. I've got some makeup items and some skincare things so lets get into it:
The first product I'm going to talk about is the Garnier micellar water which retails around the £4 mark. After reading many reviews a while ago, I picked it up and haven't used anything else but this in the past six months to remove my makeup. It works a dream, easily wiping of the makeup and is gentle on the skin. It can even take off eye makeup and as its got no perfume in, its ideal for sensitive skin. I just love it and would recommend it to anyone who wants a makeup remover that does the job and is very inexpensive.
The next product is another skincare one and from Zoe's beauty range, the 'Creamy, madly, dreamy' body lotion. I usually like to use this after the shower to moisturise  my skin. I wasn't too sure about it at first because the lotion took a long time to work into the skin, however once it sunk in, my skin felt really soft and smooth. The lotion has a lovely fresh, relaxing scent so it doesn't feel like you're applying something that's heavily perfumed. It costs only £5 and as the tube is quite big, I reckon  it'll last me for a good while!
Another product is Collection's lasting perfection concealer. This product has been hyped about in the blogging/youtube community for a good while now and if I'm honest I don't think I've ever tried another concealer besides this one because its always done the job for me and is rather cheap to buy. This concealer helps hide my under eye circles and blemishes and ahh I just love it! I've gone through quite a few tubes over the past few years, however one of these can last for a long amount of time! A definite recommend and costs around the £4 mark.
The Maybelline BB cream, is another face product which I am completely obsessed with! I use this on an everyday basis because its very light on my skin and gives this lovely glow with a small amount of coverage, perfect just to give your skin a bit of an oomph. I find its very easy to apply and can be with either fingers or a brush. As its a light coverage, I'd say its ideal for makeup beginners because then they'll know if they would want more coverage or liked this lightness of this on their skin. Even though the tube looks quite small, its lasts for a good while as you only need a little amount for the whole face. Retailing at £7.99, its affordable and can work for many looks.
Onto a lip product now, are the Tanya Burr lip glosses. I love her lip gloss range and I have two which are 'picnic in the park' and 'chic'.  Tanya has a lovely range of different colours and cost £6.99 each. These lip glosses glide on so easily, give the most beautiful finish and last for a fair amount of time, I'd say a few hours which in my opinion is good for a lip gloss. They have great pigmentation and are very moisturising on the lips, which its amazing to find in a lip gloss. I've still haven't got round to buying anymore colours, but I'm sure I will towards the spring/summer time.
Another makeup item is the Sleek faceform kit in light. With a 3 in 1 kit containing a bronzer, blush and highlighter its the perfect trio to pop into your handbag! I adore this palette, the bronzer is a lovely matte brown shade which easily contours the face and the highlighter and blush have the most beautiful shimmer. All 3 products have amazing pigmentation and when all put together  give a lovely look on the skin. I also love how it has a huge mirror, so if you bring this on the go, it saves you bringing a separate mirror. With it costing £9.99 it comes just under £10, but with 3 products in 1 I say its a complete bargain.
Onto eyes, MUA palettes are a must, I just love them! I have 3 of their palettes, two neutral ones and a night out one, the picture below is the MUA undress me too which you can see has had a lot of love. All of the palettes have beautiful pigmentation with a variety of different colours, some matte and some shimmer. MUA undress me too has very creamy light shades and includes a few darker shades like the black, giving you the chance to experiment with day and night looks. For £4 they are a complete bargain and ideal to experiment with makeup.
The Rimmel 'Stay matte' powder is another very hyped about product. It easily gets rid of shine and helps set the makeup all day. I think it costs around £4 and is an essential in your makeup bag in my opinion.
Another eye product would be the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and on bronze'. As you can tell by the huge dent I have a big love for it. I use it as part of my everyday makeup under eye shadows. It has the prettiest bronze shimmer colour which helps give the nicest neutral eye. I have a couple of these colour tattoos, they are really easily to apply, have a good pigmentation and help the eye shadow last all day as well as giving an extra oomph of shimmer.
My last top ten product is the Kate Moss range of Rimmel lipsticks. The one pictured below is in the shade 107. I have two of these, the other being shade 01 and they have been my go to lipstick this autumn/winter. Both of which give the nicest colour pigmentation, lasting power and are very moistorising on the lips. I  usually find some lipsticks can be quite drying but not these, they have the same kind of feel as a lip balm, very soft and  silky on the lips. Also they are very easy to apply and give a beautiful matte finish. For the price of around £5/6, they are my favourite lipsticks I've tried and I can't wait to get my hands on more.

I hope you enjoyed my top ten beauty products for under £10!

Thank you for reading <3

Book review: The Twins by Saskia Sarginson

Well hello to you my reader chums! If you read my current favourites post, you'll know I've been loving the novel 'The Twins' by Saskia Sarginson. I was able to sit down and finish it and oh my goodness what a good book it was!

Initially the thing that gravitated me towards this book was the fact it was about twins. As I'm a twin myself I love reading different ideas and perspectives on what others think of twins or how they perceive them to be. The author got this idea spot on, some of the thoughts the two characters have are very relatable to how I've felt about my twin. I love the way she switched from twin to twin giving their view on the all the stories and flashbacks that occurred in the novel and how it affected them individually because usually twins are treated as one person so its refreshing seeing the twins have their own views.

The plot itself, was really insightful, interesting and thrilling. From the first page I was hooked into Viola and Isotle's life, wondering what was to come and what to expect. This novel was an easy page turner, drawing you in on every single page, leaving you wanting more. It explores the ups, downs, heartbreaks and all the fun times in the twins life and unwinds why they are like the people they have become. The book has a couple of unexpected moments that were shocking and ends on a point leaving you to make up in your own mind what you think is going to happen next. I think by ending it like that was quite satisfying because its dependant on the reader what they think will happen from that point further and didn't finish on a happy or sad moment, but a hopeful one.

The characters in the story, I really warmed to, as the novel is so insightful you learn a lot about the characters mainly Viola and Isolte and feel for the heartbreak and torment they go through in their family. Also, you share the joy when they spend time with John and Micheal, as well as learning a lot about their bond which is a key thing. Even though they are twins, they are still really different from one another and did keep secrets from each other in fear of hurting the other or being the one hurt by the other. I think this element was a good way in exploring their relationship because it showed despite their bond they do need their own privacy.

 This book is such a bitter sweet read, with all the things that go on, however its was so amazing I just couldn't put it down and I would really recommend it! I could sit here all day and say how much I enjoyed the novel, but I wouldn't want to give anything away and those who haven't read it, can find out for themselves!

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you enjoyed <3