How to plan the perfect travel itinerary *

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Writing travel itineraries is one of my favourite things to do as I love researching a new place and mapping out the best things to see and do at my next destination. With the prospects of travel becoming more accessible again, I thought I would share some of my tips on how to plan the perfect travel itinerary.

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How to plan the perfect travel itinerary


The first thing with any travel itinerary is knowing your time scale and the amount of time you have to work with. What I like to do is list all the flight times and transport that'll happen on your set days and then I'll be left with the time I have in between to organise what I want to see and do. 

When I have my section of available time, say 3 full days, for example, then I can slot in the type of activities and places to see depending on what's more suited for each day.

Research, research, research

This is my favourite part of any travel itinerary as I love dabbling into various travel blogs, travel websites and trip guides. And looking for cool places to stay. The internet is a wonderful place and the world of travel bloggers means there is plenty of insight out there to find incredible things to do, see and hidden gems to discover.

Each city or location will have a list of 'must-see' things and as important as that is to include as you'll want to see all the tourist sights, try and go a little deeper with your research. I typically add all the 'must-see' places and then continue to research to see if there are any quieter spots, hidden beaches, great viewpoints or unique activities. Blogs are brilliant for this as they offer a personal perspective rather than a travel website which is trying to label the top things to see that you can buy into. I typically type in 'guide to x days in x' when I'm researching.

When it comes to travelling, some of the best things I've experienced have been free or I've discovered whilst walking off the beaten path. Be a little clever for research but also allow breathing time to simply be and explore on your trip.

Fill in the itinerary accordingly

When I've found things I like the sound of, I slot them into the days I think are appropriate on the itinerary and then keep adding until the days are full. Then, what I like to do is research where everything is distance-wise to each other and re-jig the itinerary to map everything out in the most logical way.

Then, voila, you have everything mapped to perfection.

Further research

Travel isn't about what there is to see, food and drink play a huge part in getting to know a new location and new culture. And, I'm a huge foodie so I love to dabble into a bit of research to the best places to eat and drink. Roaming around and finding places to eat is all part of the travelling fun, but there's nothing wrong about making a small list of what's out there.

Under the step-to-step guide of what to see and do, add a 'where to eat and drink list.'

Work out your budget

Once everything is listed on what you're going to do on the trip, do a little maths to how much the activities will cost as then you can figure out how much money to bring overall and what you will have left for food, drink and anything spontaneous you get up to.

Have fun!

A set itinerary will give you the basis for your trip and you can build on it when you're there, and once you've found your bearings. Enjoy the adventure and have fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other tips do you have to make the perfect itinerary?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I don't think I've ever created a travel itinerary which is odd considering I am mega organized and love things going to plan. Although I'm not going anywhere where a itinerary would be needed any time soon, I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future! x

    1. I always find it's so helpful to have one to hand, thanks lovely xx

  2. I do love a good travel itinerary! These are some really good tips!

  3. I love my travel itineraries! Whenever we go away, I am in charge of getting everything together and planning things - It's such a fun thing to do! I like knowing what I'm doing but leaving some days for adventure and spontaneity! Thanks for these tips

    Em x

    1. They're the best aren't they?! Thank you lovely xx

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