7 day guide to Tuscany: where to go

Well hello to you my reader chums! With its rolling hills, endless vineyards and renowned for the incredible art scene, Tuscany is a central region in Italy everyone needs to visit. I fell in love with the region as soon as I stepped off the plane and can't wait to explore even more one day. On my trip, I was there for 7 days and tried to see as many places in the region as possible over the week.

7 day guide to Tuscany: where to go

If you're planning a week in the city, here's where you should go.

Florence: 3-4 days

Florence, the capital and heart of Tuscany should be first on our list when visiting the region. The capital is as beautiful as you would expect every capital city to be. The impressive architecture, art scene, cobbled streets, quaint shops and incredible places to dine. I absolutely loved exploring the city and it became moreish seeing more and more as I ventured round.

7 day guide to Tuscany: where to go

Florence is packed with plenty of things to see and do from museums, galleries, churches, stunning buildings, tours to simply wandering the pretty streets. As it's such an amazing city, I would recommend spending longer than shorter in it - as that way you won't only see the main sights, you can immerse yourself into all the hidden away gems and venture away from the main hub.

I would say you could fit in all the main sights into 2-3 days even only 2 at a push but would recommend staying longer so you won't need to rush around the sights and can take your time, and soak in all its beauty. Florence is a city that will steal your heart and leave you in love with the Italian culture, food, and architecture.

For more information on what to see and do, here is my 3-day guide to Florence.

Pisa: Afternoon/day trip

Pisa is renowned for its leaning tower and when you're in Tuscany, its something you have to see - even just for the candid photo. The city of Pisa is surprisingly very small and doesn't take too long to look at the main sights. As it's a very tourist area, there isn't much beyond the tower to see that you could easily spend an afternoon to a day there.

7 day guide to Tuscany: where to go

Depending on how you like to travel, I would either suggest booking a tour to take you around the sights and have a tight schedule or hop on a train to the city and explore at your own pace. Pisa can be easily reached by train from Florence.

For more information, check out my 24 hour guide to Pisa.

Lucca: 1 day

Lucca, the quaint and humble city is a place I think everybody should get the opportunity to see on their trip to Tuscany. The main hub of Lucca is located in castle-like city walls and wherever you stroll around looks like a medieval fairytale. Lucca is renowned for its architecture, quaint walkways and plenty of authentic restaurants.

7 day guide to Tuscany: where to go

I fell in love with Lucca as soon as I arrived. It had the same heart Florence had but on a much smaller scale, with fewer tourists and a quiet appeal. It was everything I hoped it would be. As the city isn't huge, you can easily see everything within a day and I would recommend staying a night there so you're able to soak up the whole city as well as grabbing some breakfast before you move onto the next location.

Despite the size, there are quite a few things to see and do as well as some of the prettiest streets you'll ever set your eyes on. Can you tell I absolutely adored it? Lucca can be reached via train but the main station is a way out of the centre.

For more information about the city, have a look at my 1-day guide to Lucca.

Siena: 1-2 days 

Siena is renowned for its medieval buildings and makes for the perfect place to explore and set a base or for day trips. I really loved Siena; there were plenty of things to see and do, hidden gems wherever you look and a lot of opportunities for walking. The city is very hilly so that's something to keep in mind if you're not the best walker. Siena has iconic buildings, the cutest shops you'll ever see and too many pizza shops to count.

7 day guide to Tuscany: where to go

The actual city of Siena, you could easily see all the sights in a day, however, I would recommend a second day there to either explore the off-the-beaten-track areas or to go on a day trip. Siena is a prime location for day trips and you can use the second day to go on one of them.

For the day trips, I would recommend Monterggioni as it's only 20 minutes away on the bus and the most incredible little place you'll ever see with great views of the Tuscan hills.

Other day trips include San Gimignano, Montalcino, a Chianti wine tour (which usually takes around 5 hours to a whole day trip), Livorno, Assisi or simply returning back to one of the previous cities I've mentioned.

For more information about the city, here is my 2-day guide to Siena.

I hope you enjoyed this guide. When are you planning to go to Tuscany?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Finally read it. Love reading posts on Italy as that is my number one touring destination that I haven't done yet. Dont know when I'm going there in this time and age but hope to one day. Nice to see you posting on travel, going to places and enjoying. Tuscany and Florence are known for it's natural beauty. Enjoying ur Italy journey. <3
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