What to bring in your carry-on makeup bag

Well hello to you my reader chums! When it comes to flying, whether you're a newbie or someone who flies regularly, packing your carry-on bag correctly will make everything easier. For some people, a carry-on can be a handbag or for others, a small suitcase. Within both of those, the majority of us carry a makeup or wash bag. This is either to keep us fresh on a long-haul flight or put your makeup on ready for landing (we've all done it).

If you're planning a trip away and unsure what to pack in your carry-on makeup bag, here's everything I would bring.

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What to bring in your carry-on makeup bag

Moisturiser - The thing about flights, whether you're up in the air for a couple of hours or twelve, they can dehydrate you completely. With this in mind, it's important to keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Drink plenty of water and bring along an ultra-hydrating moisturiser. It's not something you need to apply all the time, but a freshen up halfway through the flight or before you land, will help you feel so much better. My favourite to use is Garnier's Natural Rose Moisturiser.

Lip balm - Lips also get dry on flights which you'll find especially on a longer flight. Being up in the air for over eight hours can make your lips feel very chapped that you'll want a really good lip balm with you. My favourites are Palmer's cocoa lip balm or Natural Line's lip balm. Both of them feel incredibly natural on the lips and leave my lips feeling moisturised for ages.

Hand cream - Another moisturising product to pack and I have on me at all time is hand cream. Hand cream is perfect if you're hands are feeling dry as the flight time goes on or you'd like a little freshen up. It leaves you feeling moisturised and always has a nice smell to it. My favourites are the Soap and Glory Hand Food and any Body Shop one.

Hand gel - Flights aren't the cleanest of places even though they may appear so. As they're packed with lots of different people, germs can literally be flying all over the place. With that in mind and to keep the germs at bay, bring along some hand gel with you. This will come in handy when you're eating or make you feel a little bit more fresh. I love the Bath and Body Works hand gels!

Toothpaste and toothbrush - For longer flights, when you've eaten and slept quite a bit, you'll automatically have that uncomfortable morning feeling. That feeling when you have bad breath and you're a bit groggy. To waken up a little, brushing your teeth is a really good way to have that 'morning feeling'. You can even go a step further and bring mouthwash too if that'll make you feel better.

What to bring in your carry-on makeup bag

Hairbrush and hairbands - Hair can get in the way when you're chilling on a flight. To feel more comfortable, I would recommend packing yourself a hairbrush and some hairbands with you. That way, you can get it off your face and put it in plaits or a ponytail. Tangle Teezers are my absolute favourite brushes and they come in a mini-version too.

Sheet facemask - On a long haul flight, a pamper is always something lovely to have, especially when you have a million people around you. As you can't really do an actual facemask (unless you're flying first class with your own bathroom), then a sheet mask is the way forward. You can put one on in the bathroom, leave it for a while (even when you nap) and peel it off when you've left it on long enough. The beauty of sheet masks is that you don't need to wash anything off and the residue is generally soft enough to moisturise into the skin.

Makeup - This is down to you. If you want to apply makeup on the plane ready for your landing, then bring your whole routine with you (but make sure each product is under 100ml). My tip would keep the bulky makeup to a minimum and pack products that are versatile. For instance, a bronzer and highlighter duo as you can use it for your cheeks and eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this packing post. What else would you carry in your makeup bag?

Thank you for reading <3

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