June favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Even though I say it every single month, I'm surprised how quickly June went by and that we're already over half way through 2018. June is my favourite month of the year, mainly because it's my birthday but also as I always somehow fill the diary up with exciting plans. I'm pretty sure I didn't have many days in June to chill as I was lucky enough to always have something on, whether that was a day out or hanging with friends. 

Despite how busy the month was, I've gathered a few favourites I've been absolutely loving and can't wait to share.

Here are my June favourites… 

June favourites

Proto-col foaming face wash 

I'm not usually one to change up face washes that much, however when Proto-col kindly sent me their skincare range to try, I couldn't resist implementing this face wash in my daily routine. The foaming face wash is one of the most gentlest I've tried, and feels incredibly light on the skin as you apply it. I typically use two pumps, lather is up and massage it in all over the face, then of course wash it off. Despite the light consistency, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed - and doesn't have a scent which can usually mean it's not full of added chemicals, a big bonus for the skin really.

Gelly high shine BarryM nail polish in 'Passionfruit'

When it comes to the summer months, for nails I think bright colours are the way to go. In autumn and winter, my wardrobe is pretty much monochrome (nothing wrong with black and white stripes right?), that when the warmer weather hits, I begin to rock a more colourful attire and accompany it with my nail colour. For my birthday celebrations, I wanted to paint my nails a pretty colour and chose 'passionfruit', and re-fell in love with it. It's one of those bright shades that doesn't look too over the top, however gives that beautiful bold colour effect. I also love how it's so bright, it makes me look even more tanned than I actually am - it's like the same effect of when you wear white. Similarly to all BarryM polishes, it has a good lasting power and applies like a dream. 

Proto-col moisturising facial gel

One skincare product I love trying more of are moisturisers. After a good old facewash or mask, there's nothing more satisfying than applying a moisturiser. Proto-col's facial gel is slightly different to a usual moisturiser, as it's a lot heavier to many lighter consistencies I've tried before. Despite the thickness, it sets into the skin super quickly and does of course, leave it moisturised.

June favourites

'Early one morning' book

Reading is one of my favourite things, and I've been determined to get back into the swing of it in my daily commute - and the past few weeks have been loving the book 'Early one morning'. It's set in Rome during world war two and follows the past and present story of Chiara Ravello. I don't want to give much away, however what I love most is the history content of the book, and all the descriptions of Rome. Rome is my favourite city, that when reading it in a book, I can imagine myself back there and seeing all the iconic spots. In a nutshell, it's a truly fantastic read - the book is beautifully written, it tugs all sorts of heart strings and has a fab descriptive tone.


I love a good old city break and visiting Copenhagen in June was certainly a monthly highlight. Copenhagen was a city that didn't feel like a city; it wasn't as loud or busy as I expected and had the most friendly appeal about it. There were beautiful sights, cute eateries and overall it's a very safe environment. Although a tad on the expensive side, I'd 100% recommend a visit as it's totally doable on a budget. If you're heading to the bike-loving city, read my 3 day guide to Copenhagen.


I was lucky enough to spend two days in Brighton for my birthday thanks to my handsome boyfriend, and we honestly had the best staycation. I love everything about Brighton; the beach, the calm city vibes, charming shops and the whole quirkiness of it. I can't wait to go back again - it's one of those cities you want to visit over and over. If you are heading there soon, my Brighton post has some helpful tips about visiting the city.


I'm a bit of a concert addict, I find there can be nothing more mesmerising than seeing your favourite artists live and listening to their music. In June I was lucky enough to see my two ever favourite artists Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato. I've wanted to see them both for the longest time that I felt truly blessed to have got the opportunity to sing my heart out at their gigs. Demi is a true inspiration and Ed lit up the stage, that being in both their presence was out of this world. I wrote a post with all my concert pictures if you like to check it out.

I hope you enjoyed my June favourites. What have you been loving this month?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Love this, I need a new summer nail polish shade, constantly wearing the same pale pink!!

  2. I haven't hears of Proto-col before! And Copenhagen is such a dreqm of mune to visit!


  3. Never heard of these products before, but they sound really interesting! Lovely blog post, Della! 😊

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