How to plan for a weekend getaway abroad

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I'm an avid traveller, wherever it's the next city break or a 2 week holiday in the sunshine, any time I hear travel, my heart soars. I've experienced a few weekend getaways in Europe from Milan to Barcelona and over time learnt the best way to plan them. Here's a few of my tips..

How to plan a weekend getaway abroad

Go off season

Summer holidays, Easter break, Christmas time and half terms, all fit under the busy season, which is the last thing you'll want when travelling. Prices rocket during these periods and cities are much busier than usual, so if possible try avoid the higher season. Sunny and cooler weather are still all accessible during lower seasons - Late January- March (depending on when Easter break is) fall  under this category as do May and June- early July. You can experience stunning sunshine during the month of June that you wouldn't need to wait until it hots up in August time. September- October are also a lovely time to go away, with the weather getting cooler and crowds decreasing.

Search for the best flight times

Every airline has an email newsletter with their latest offers, including flights to any places in Europe from as cheap as £20! This will obviously vary throughout the year but during low seasons, these cheap prices are possible. I like to use Skyscanner to search my flights. It's a website, comparing all the best flight times and deals to in turn, offer you the cheapest option.

Use the hop on hop off bus tours

Every country I visit, whether it's a typical summer holidaymaker destination or bright-light city, there's always bus tours available. I'd 100% recommend these especially if you're visiting for a short amount of time. It allows you to see all the city's main sights and stop off wherever; the flexibility is endless. Depending on the location, there's usually a few different routes to choose from which vary on the sights they cover. Talk to a local tour vendor when arriving and book one in; they usually sell from 24-48 hour bus tickets.

Make an agenda

Organise, organise, organise! Going away for a short amount of time means you'll want to pack in as much as possible; the best way to do this is make a list of everything you'd like to see. From there, do your research and write up a rough agenda in the most logical order on seeing/doing these activities. This way you won't miss out on the main sights and assure yourself you've covered all you wanted to see.

Pack light

I may be the world's biggest over-packer, but when it comes to weekend break abroad, there's no need. As long as you bring (depending on the time of year), a few various layers aka jackets and that staples pair of jeans, you won't need much for a weekend of exploring. Miniature products from shampoos to moisturisers come in handy - you can find them at any local Boots, Superdrug or supermarkets.

I hope you enjoyed this travel advice style post. What are your best tips for planning a weekend break?

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  1. I don't get to travel much with a whole slew of kids. Going to share with the grandparents. They get to travel all the time now they are retired.


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