Spring outfit | The denim dungaree dress

Well hello to you my reader chums! With the new arrival of warmer weather and longer days, it's time for spring fashion to make an appearance. In this season, I like to experiment a bit more with my style using bursts of colour and layering various pieces.

Pinafores and dungarees have become a staple in my wardrobe since last summer. I love changing the outfit up throughout the seasons by adding tights, swapping jumpers for t-shirts and what not. The dungaree dress is a versatile statement piece that can be dressed up or down. For this look I paired it with a pastel pink jumper, leather jacket and burgundy converse to give that pop of colour.

Spring fashion outfit inspiration

top spring fashion inspiration

Spring outfit

Denim dungaree dress - Primark
'Stay positive' jumper - H&M
Leather jacket - H&M
Converse - Office

Spring outfit inspiration

I hope you enjoyed this spring outfit style post. What are your favourite pieces to wear this season?

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love a denim dress or pinafore for Spring!

    Rachael xox

  2. Oh my god I love that dress! I need me one! Fab post xx
    Rachel | www.rachelxblog.com

  3. holy shit, you're so pretty girl. Your figure is stunning omg! And I love that denim dress! so cute aw! Get a lot of summery vibes! x

    sami | possiblysami.com

  4. Oooh I love your outfit! I also love the snazzy backdrop!

    Your blog design is also really cute :)

    Rosie Mauu xx

  5. i have never owned nor worn a dungaree dress before but it is really cute! i love the outfit! denim is always a good choice! xx corinne

  6. Adorable look! I love a good skirt or dress. My fav pieces to wear in Spring are for sure dresses! I love floral patterned ones as well!

    1. Thank you! Oh definitely, florals are perfect for spring xx

  7. I love this outfit and my absolute favourite shoes to wear are converse and especially with a dress x

  8. Love this! I'm such a lover of pinafores, wore my denim one today!
    Jas xx

  9. Fab photos, you look so natural on camera in a way that I wish I could! You're a stunner! I love the denim dress, what a great steal from Primark! I want to pick the same one up now hehe!

    Abbey 💋 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Aww thank you for such a lovely comment Abbey! xx

  10. Ii dont know if I could get away with a dungaree dress! You look fab in it though.
    Kate xx


  11. Ah so pretty, I love the background too! You have such a lovely blog here by the way, you should be proud of all your hard work! x


  12. This is a lovely outfit. Its one of those ones that never ages.


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