Day in London: Catalyst Autumn/Winter preview event

Well hello to you my reader chums! Yesterday, I attended the Catalyst Autumn/Winter preview event, my first ever blogger style occasion. As I was quite new to going to these functions, I asked to bring my twin along to make the day much less nerve wracking. However when I arrived, I was welcomed with such a friendly environment that all the initial worries floated away. 

The event was set in a gorgeous clear rooftop area, filled with a range of different booths showcasing and demonstrating a vast selection of products. After arrival, we delved into the many stands and got talking to all the companies. Through chatting, we learnt about the unique products, the history, how to use them and top tips. As well as a lovely interactive experience, it was really insightful and educational too, finding out about many unknown brands/products. I loved how friendly and easily approachable everyone was. I even got chatting and made friends with a couple of bloggers, Ceri and Lydia, who Maria and I then went and had Starbucks trip with afterwards.

The first stall we approached was BeautyCrowd who were genuinely so lovely and informative about everything on display and themselves.
The lady at Steamcream and Micro cell 2000 was ultra sweet, testing out the products and explaining them all to us. At Steamcream, the tins were the most adorable and distinctive little things, I can't wait for the Christmas ones to be released!

Heading to the Nanokeratin stall, we found out it's a family run business. Within their family included twin brothers which was pretty fab as we could relate and easily talk to them both!
The spread put on by Sexyhair was very glamorous and suave, complete with a backstage-esque type mirror where they styled guests hair.

Waltzing over to the PawPaw booth I was very excited because I've been loving the original balm over the past few weeks! Finding out more about the product I've been using was not only interesting but eye opening as weird as that sounds because it made you aware of what's being put on your skin and the benefits it has.

One of my favourite stalls we went to was the Revlon professional. Offering us a relaxing and inviting experience, the stylists made Maria and I up by doing our hair. They gave me rather swish, beachy waves and for Maria since she has long hair, experimented with a wedding inspired up-do.
This is me posing in the mirror, which I have to admit I wanted to take home! It reminded me of backstage theatre where all the actresses/actors prepare their makeup and hair before an electrifying performance.
Here's my final look; I felt oh so fresh at this point and wanted to just swish my hair around (without looking like a complete fool.)

Maria's ever so elegant look ( I really loved the final outcome!)
After a incredible and insightful few hours at the event, with our new buddy Lydia we headed to Starbucks, grabbed a drink (plus a nutella cookie aka the best creation ever) and sat down in Cavendish square for charming chat. I thoroughly enjoyed Starbucks and a natter with our new blogger friend in the cutest little setting. Good company and pretty places is all you really need for that perfect afternoon! 

I want to say a big thank you to Catalyst for inviting me and making me feel so welcome at my first ever blogger event. The overall experience was fantastic, I left feeling so enlightened, discovering new people and products. I'm so excited to now dive into all my new goodies and give them a try! 

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Aww had such a nice read, love your take on the day! Just did my Sunday diary post too! Was lovely meeting you and Maria xx

    1. Thank you so much, it was lovely meeting you too! xx

  2. I don't know how I've only just seen this! Was lovely to meet you guys, hopefully we'll see each other again at other events soon!

    Ceri x

    October Eleven


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