Simple eye makeup look: All about those matte shades ft Naked 2 basics palette

Well hello to you my reader chums! I hope you all had a splendid week and are having lovely day today in whatever you may be doing. I wanted to share with you this evening, my go to matte eye look using the Naked 2 basics palette. I'm usually a fan of more of a shimmery eye look with a matte shade going through the outer corner and crease, however I've been experimenting with this palette and found a matte look I love to wear on an everyday basis.
To start off with, I prime my eye lids and apply the shade 'stark' all over the lid and crease for a base colour. Taking the only shimmery shade from the palette, I then use 'skimp' in the inner corners of my eyes for a highlight.
To give some colour to the eyes, I put the shade 'frisk', a lovely taupe colour all over the lids.

With the darker scale of the palette, I go onto applying 'primal' through the outer corner and crease for some definition. To then deepen and darken the outer corner even more, I use a minimal amount of 'undone', a grey/black shade to not overpower the look too much, but to give it that extra bit of precision.

As its an everyday type look, I use my L'oreal super liner and draw a medium line on the upper lash line with a subtle wing. For mascara, I chose Maybelline's lash sensational to give the lashes a lot of volume and length. Here's some pictures of the final look:

I hope you enjoyed this matte eye look!

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I swear by this eyeliner!! Great product :)

    Alice x

    1. I'm the same, it's my favourite eye liner! :) x

  2. I love the Naked2 Palette! It is just beyond stunning, love this look!

  3. Its a really pretty look. I love that palette.


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