Casual and cosy autumn inspired outfit

Well hello to you my reader chums! As I said in my previous blog I was going to post an autumn-inspired outfit. Usually, when it turns into autumn, I tend to grab for the darker colours in my wardrobe such as burgundy, navy, monochrome etc, however, I wanted to opt for a pop of colour to add a different flair to a typical 'autumnal look'. I chose this lovely lilac jumper and cream collared top to give the outfit a pastel-coloured edge, paired with navy high waisted jeans and brown Chelsea boots.

Autumn inspired outfit

Autumn outfit details 

Collared top: New Look
Lilac jumper: Topshop
High waisted jeans: New Look
Chelsea boots: New Look
Burgundy satchel: Primark
Nails: BarryM Gelly nail paint in 'Chilli'

Autumn inspired outfit

I love how this outfit looks together, it adds an essence of spring and light to this time of year and is still super cosy! Having lighter colour jumpers also helps me step away from wearing too much black and white, especially in autumn time. If you want to see the prices of some of the items, most are featured in this recent autumn haul.

I hope you enjoyed this little post on an autumn outfit. I've worn it a couple of times recently. I think its a nice casual outfit yet I'm sure by adding a necklace and some heeled boots or a bold lip, you can easily dress up this look!

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I love the purple sweater! I've always wanted one like that but I hate wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath a sweater!

    1. Same, I always wear a collared top with no sleeves under them ( I have quite a few haha) xx

  2. I just found your blog through Sprinkle of Glitter, and can I just say, I love your blog name and your design is so unique - love it! :)

  3. This outfit is so cute :) I love pastels during Autumn x

  4. Love this post,it's soo nice :)
    Antonella :)

  5. Aww you are so stunning - love love love your ombre hair and lilac looks amazing on you! :)

    New follower! I'm your 100th GFC follower actually hehehe congrats! xxxx

  6. Lilac looks fantastic with your eyes, great colour choice :)

    Corinne x

  7. Love the sweater, such a great fall color! It really makes your eyes pop! -- Lindsey xx


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