Review: Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner

Well hello to you my reader chums! A couple of weeks ago the company 'Faith in Nature' emailed me asking if I'd like to try out one of their shampoo and conditioners. After having a scroll through their website I saw they did a variety of scents but chose the chocolate one as who wouldn't want to wash their hair with chocolate?

Usually, I'm rather skeptical about trying new hair products because I have a rather sensitive scalp and worry the new products will flare it up. However, since I saw these products had all natural ingredients including organic cocoa in the chocolate shampoo and conditioner I was rather excited. As well as being vegan products they also are a cruelty-free company, which I love.

Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner
Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner

Consistency and scent

They sent me the 400ml bottles which gave me a good amount of product. The first time I tested it out I noticed such a difference. My hair felt so much softer and silkier compared to when I used my usual shampoo and conditioner. When I first applied it I noticed the consistency was rather thin, however, it felt rather light on the hair, and once dried my hair felt much healthier. The scent is amazing smelling just like cocoa.  

Overall thoughts

I'm honestly loving this shampoo and conditioner and would definitely recommend it. It's so lovely knowing you're putting all-natural things on your hair rather than using products that you're completely unaware of the ingredients. It has a gorgeous smell and leaves the hair feeling silky smooth. They're a bit on the pricey side costing £5.50 per bottle, yet I'd say they are completely worth it. 

Faith in Nature offers many other scents to choose from so I would check them out! Also, they sell a variety of different products! Check them out here.

Thank you for reading and for Faith in nature for sending me these hair products! I hope you enjoyed ❤


  1. This sounds lovely, but I'm not sure if my hair smelling like chocolate is something I'd like!

    Corinne x

    1. Haha fair enough! There's many different scents too which I'm tempted to try :)

  2. How have I only just found your blog? It's great-I'm your newest follower. I'll definitely have to try out some of faiths products, these ones obviously, no way a girl can pass on a chocolate shower. Olwyn :') x


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