Well hello to you my reader chums!

Bit of a different post today, something that all bloggers can get involved in! I first saw this when I was browsing down my blogger feed. Basically its a thing where each week bloggers will be given a different theme to write about, whether its beauty, fashion, life etc. Its an amazing idea for people who really want to get into blogging but are unsure what to write about. To get involved you need to contact Ellie (littlevintagecamera@gmail.com) with your first, last names, blog name and blog URL! For more information click here  to go straight to the #BritishBloggerSelection page where you can download a badge!

Thank you for reading, I hope you all take part! <3

Recipe: Nutella hot chocolate ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! I've realised since I've had a blog called dellalovesnutella, that I've never done a post related to Nutella! Today, I decided to show you one of my favourite autumnal/winter drinks: Nutella hot chocolate! 
Ingredients you'll need: 

The first step is heating the milk in a pan, for one portion measure out a mug full of milk. Pout that in the pan and heat it on a low/medium heat.
(I've put two mug fulls in here as I was making two portions) 
The next step when the milk is fully heated is to add in the Nutella. I'd use between two to three large teaspoons of Nutella depending on how rich you would like it and mix it into the milk. 
Once mixed in, the colour of the milk should appear a light brown. The last step is to add in a pinch of cinnamon which will give it an extra oomph and mix that in. 

Voila! Here's your Nutella hot chocolate! I hope you enjoyed a slightly different post and let me know if you tried this recipe! Thankyou for reading <3

My best friend!

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

Apologies again for not blogging in a while, I've just been really busy with school work and haven't made time for myself to get back into blogging! Anyways today's post I thought I'd tell you about a very special person in my life which is my best friend Brittany. We've been inseparable since about year 7/8 and we're now in year 13 so a good 5/6 years! In life we sometimes take for granted who we have and how lucky we really are. I have the best friendship group anyone could ever ask for with them being so supportive and always making me smile! 

Yesterday Brittany and I decided to go on a nice long walk, which turned about to be 9 miles long! Wow we were exhausted! It was just such a lovely day as its amazing how alike we really are, meaning we could talk for hours and never get bored. Here's some pics of our day: 
I literally love this girl to pieces and have no idea what is do without her! She always makes me laugh and understands me so well! There's been loads of memories we've had and I hope there's tonnes more to come! She may be absolutely wacky and weird but that's why we're best friends, two of a kind! I know through everything she's always there for me and I appreciate it so much! I'm really lucky to have a best friend who is just like me! Sisters from different misters! Who knows what the future will bring? But I do know she'll always be there supporting and cheering me on through everything ❤

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! More beauty posts coming next time! 

Review: MUA blushes + swatches

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

Got a review for you today! I recieved these MUA blushes when I won the goodie bag a couple of months back, they were new out at the time.
I love the fact they've named the shades now!
These ones are marshmallow and bubblegum, such cute names! 
Here's the swatches of them. As you can tell the blushes are highly pigmented with one swipe giving you a good load of colour. Having such  high pigmented blushes means it requires a lot of blending to make them look natural. 
Here's what they look like blended. I love the finish of these with them giving a lovely glow. Bubblegum is a more red toned blush in comparison to marshmallow which is a baby pink. I think bubble gum would be lovely for the autumn months as its a warmer shade. 

Compared to the old MUA blush packaging, I much prefer this one. It's easier to open because it has a little circular hole to open it. Also I think as its black and thinner, it looks more sleek and expensive.

I would say the products last for the majority of the day but would have to be reapplied later on.

As usual, I've been thoroughly impressed with the MUA products. These blushes are amazing quality for the price they cost. The pigmentation is beautiful, giving a lovely look when blended, a definite recommend.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Have any of you tried the MUA blushes? <3  

The sun project 109

Well hello to you my reader chums! Bit of a different post to usual, however yesterday was the #sunproject109 day. The point of this project was so show awareness for people who suffer from depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts etc. I first saw it on tumblr and thought I'd join in.
There are so many people that we just don't realise who suffer with these things daily, especially young girls/boys. Growing up in this society is one of the most difficult things with us seeing 'the perfect body' always being promoted in magazines with all these 'perfect' looking celebrities on. Girls and boys feel the need of living up to these expectations and forget about their true self, resulting in them gaining self hatred for themselves and getting upset with who they are and why they are unable to be this 'perfect' person.

Apart from this, depression or self harm can be caused from anything such as bullying or just a bad experience. There needs to be so much more awareness for the people who suffer because they think they are alone and have nobody. Whenever people think of cutting, they assume its for attention, what people don't understand is that it's how they take their self hatred out on themselves. 

The people who do suffer, don't realise that there is anything wrong and that it's a mental illness, they think there's no way out but you can get help. All you need is to talk to someone, anyone who is suffering please know people do care for you! Every person on this earth is unique, they have their flaws but also their amazing qualities which makes them special and one of a kind! Please don't give up, staying strong is literally so hard, but you can push through it. Everything gets better with time. 

What ever your going through may feel like a never ending spiral, but trust me everything gets better, tomorrow's a new
day, a fresh start. Have H.O.P.E- hold on pain ends. All of us go through horrible times in our lives, nobody has a perfect life, however what you need to remember is that there are people who will listen and care. Every single one of you is loved.

Keep shining like the stars you and don't give up <3 

Remember you can't have a rainbow without a little rain!

Thankyou for reading! Hopefully there are more days like this so we can help spread awareness <3

September favourites!

Well hello to you my reader chums!

Again another month has ended! Where did September go?! I have idea what made this month go so quickly, I think it's the fact of going back to school and getting into the routine again. Here are the things I've been loving this month:
The first thing is the radox berry burst shower gel. I heard about this through one of Fleur's videos and when I was in the supermarket I'd thought I'd give it a go! Not going to lie but this shower gel is amazing, it smells of cherryade! I fell in love with it after the first use, you just want to keep sniffing it, it smells that yummy! 

The next product is the John Frieda sheer blonde colour renew shampoo. If you've been following my blog, you'd know I recently had my hair ombréd. Therefore I thought I'd better go out and purchase a purple shampoo because it tones the colour and gets rid of the brassy tones. This shampoo works a treat, I noticed the change after the first use! It really helps being out the blonde even more! For the best results I would say use it up to 3 times a week to help your ombre stay blonde. For a little bonus it does have the nicest smell which lingers on the hair after use. The shampoo cost around £6 which is a bit pricey for shampoo however in my opinion I say it's totally worth it, a definite recommend. 
The next product is baby lips by maybelline in peach kiss. As you all probably know baby lips finally came to the uk the other month and I just had to get my hands on one! I chose peach kiss purely for the purple packaging as its my favourite colour! I'm not usually a fan of peach flavoured things, but the scent of this is lovely, very refreshing. The balm itself definitely lived up to expectations because it really moisturises the lips and makes them soft. I think baby lips was a huge essential this month because the weathers getting colder meaning lips get chapped etc. 
One of my favourite nail polishes of the month has to be the maybelline gel colours in surreal. It's a light pretty indigo colour. I was a little sceptical at first when it says lasting for 7 days as that's hard to find in a nail polish. However I was amazed after about 6/7 days there was only minor chips which I would usually expect after 3/4 days with other nail polishes. Which means by the end of the week my nails were still in good condition, very impressed I must say!

My other favourite nail polish is Barry m in the shade bright purple. I've loved this for a very long time. I think it's probably one of my most worn polishes! As its autumn now I thought I'd get this out because its the season where I start to wear darker shades. Like usual Barry m lasts for about 5/6 days and the colour is beautiful. 

The last product is a cream blush in morning dew by topshop. I've already done a review on this which you can check out here if you like and featured it in a tutorial here. To sum it up, this blush is a lovely day to day natural blush which gives a nice flush of colour to the face. 

My music favourite of the month has to be Beautiful Life by Union J. As soon as I heard it, I fell in love with it, it's such an inspiring song! The message behind it is really touching and I've honestly had it on repeat ever since it came out! 

Thank you for reading my monthly favourites, I hope you enjoyed them! Bring on October! ❤