How to keep motivated whilst working from home

Well hello to you my reader chums! I love the working from home life; the freedom of jumping on my laptop when I'm ready and having my lunch break in my garden, however, I know this isn't the same for everyone.

Whether you're new to working from home or struggling to stay motivated, here are my tips on how to stay motivated whilst working from home.

How to keep motivated whilst working from home

Write a to-do list

The first step to getting organised and feel like your life is in order is by writing a to-do list. Whether it's listing everything you need to get done for your day job, getting some life admin completed that you've been putting off for a while or ensuring you do a daily exercise; if you list it all at the beginning of the day, then you'll feel satisfied once you tick it all off.

Try and enjoy the simpler things

As all the exciting plans you do outside of the house aren't able to go ahead right now, it's time to take a step back and appreciate the simpler things in life. From spending quality time with your family, delving into a good book, scrapbooking, cooking a new recipe from scratch, planting a vegetable patch to organising your wardrobe. By dabbling into new hobbies and appreciating the little things, it will motivate you to do more and feel content.

Intertwine your usual routine into the home

Working from home can be very different from your day to day roles in your job unless you're a freelancer. And, it can take a while to get used to that habit if you're not in the homely environment every single day whilst working. The best ways to intertwine your work routine in the home is first, set up an area designated for you to work so you can stick to that zone and get your 'work mode on'. Then set up your laptop/computer with everything you need and map out what you're going to work on in the day. By trying to separate your actual home from the work whilst being at home can be tricky, but if you master it, you can find yourself being more productive.

Put away the distractions 

This point goes hand in hand with intertwining your routine. Distractions are the worst thing to demotivate you from doing things whilst you're working from home  - and we're all a massive sucker for it. Whether you're addicted to Instagram (like me) or generally find it difficult to concentrate in your home environment, then you need to bid goodbye to distractions. Put away your phone whilst you're working, switch on some calming tunes and remember to take breaks every now and then.

Stay social

Things can get lonely when you're working from home, especially if you live alone or with one other person that you can miss the social element of work. Obviously, you can't go out and socialise so stay social in other ways. Message friends online, arrange group video chats or give your family a call - speaking to people in the day will boost you up, help your mental health and make you feel a little more human. Just because we're self-isolating, it doesn't mean we should be isolated from communication.

Keep active

For me, exercise is huge in helping my mental health and keeps me focused on my life goals that not being able to go to the gym currently is a bit tricky. However, I've started to implement home workouts - from running up and down in the garden to doing my ab and weight routine indoors. If you don't have access to the same sort of equipment at the gym like me, just get creative with what you're able to do - and it can make your workouts a lot more entertaining. Things like yoga are also a great alternative, if you want to stay active but also practice a bit of mindfulness.

Break up the day 

If you're an office worker like me, then naturally, you'll break up the day at work by taking regular toilet breaks, walking around the office or popping into a meeting which gets you away from your desk - and you need to implement that same mindest at home, as it's not good to constantly stare at a screen. Take a couple of 5-10 minute breaks throughout the day to have a snack, go to the toilet, move around or do a chore, just to take your eyes away from the screen, as it'll refocus your mind.

Experience fresh air

Fresh air is incredibly important, especially as now we're going to be spending a lot of time in our homes. When you're taking those breaks in the day, pop outside your house in the garden or take a stroll up and down your street just to breathe it in and awaken your body a bit - it'll help more than you think.

I hope you enjoyed this post. How are you keeping motivated?

Thank you for reading <3

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