8 days in Malta | A group holiday

Well hello to you my reader chums! June has been a jam-packed month so far and I'm loving every second. The week just gone, I ventured out on a group trip to sunny Malta for 8 days. It was by far one of the most relaxing and fun holidays I've ever had. The bigger group meant, the laughter, fun, and games never stopped; there was always something going on.

As you can imagine, we took a gazillion pictures, but I've cherry-picked my favourites. Let's take a look at my trip to Malta.

Day 1 - Arriving and exploring Malta

group trip to Malta

On the first day, we arrived too early for check-in so dropped off our bags and explored the local area around the hotel. It was minutes away from clear blue waters and rock pools galore. We stayed at the St Georges Park Hotel in St Julians, located at the heart of everything including activities, restaurants, bars, and more. 

Girls by the pool in St Julians Malta

Once checked in, as many of us were tired from the early flight, we chilled out by the poolside, soaking up every ounce of Malta sun we could get. The weather was a scorcher, the hottest I've experienced in a while - hello tan!

After dinner, we took a stroll down to the marina area, which at night looks even more stunning than daytime. Shops and restaurants glistening in the night sky, a sight not to be missed amongst the harbour waters.

Day 2 - Beach chilling and pedal boats in Malta

Pedal boats in malta St Julians

As Malta is mainly all rocks and water, there aren't actually any proper sandy beaches. We discovered an artificial beach that was made up of tiny rocks as oppose to sands. A few of the guys went jet skiing whilst the other group of us chilled, chatted, and took a paddle in the sea. Then all of us split off onto the pedal boats, pedalling out into deeper waters and snorkelling in the sea.

gelato love in malta

A long old day at the seaside for us beach babies had to end in ice cream. We found a gelato shop where you could layer as many ice creams, sauces, and toppings to make the perfect sundae; dessert goals for sure.

Day 3 - Unicorn inflatable pool fun and cocktail evenings

unicorn pool float in Malta

It's safe to say Malta was hot, the weather ranging from the late 20s until early 30s. We spent a few days soaking up the sunshine by the poolside and day 3 was one of those days. Before the trip, I bought a unicorn float from Primark and everybody named him Leeroy. We decided to blow him up and see all the fun we could have!

It wouldn't be a group holiday in the sunshine without a few cocktails to end the night. Only a few minutes from our hotel, we had the Peppermint bar and an entire strip of nightclubs/pubs to choose from. Peppermint had to be our favourite as they made the best cocktails and the location was so convenient.

Nightlife in St Julians Malta

Day 4 - City bus tour and the Blue Grotto

City hop on hop off bus in malta

Every trip I go on, I love to take advantage of the hop-on hop-off bus tours, as you can see a wide part of your new location and learn about the history that surrounds you. We chose the South route which ended in the Blue Grotto, an incredible location of sea views and hidden caves. 

Topshop black bikini

The surrounding of the sea was all rocks so we set up our towels and sunbathed there. I was wearing my new love, this classic black Topshop bikini.

Blue grotto in malta

We spent a few hours there chilling and most of the guys/girls taking a swim in the clear waters. A few of our group even went cliff jumping which in itself was terrifying to watch!

 Dinner in St Julian, Malta's marina

To end the day, we took a walk down to the marina for a lovely spot of dinner as a squad.

Day 5 - An excursion to Comino Island

speed boat living in Comino Malta

Even though I was a little nervous to jump on the speed boat at first, Comino Island had to be one of my favourite days of the holiday. The speed boat in itself was such a laugh - it felt like a party water ride with waves jumps and club tunes blaring. We all had the best time singing along and absorbing the sunny environment that laid ahead.

Comino island malta

As we rode into Comino, we drove through so many caves and witnessed the beauty of Malta's natural clear water.

Comino island malta

Comino island malta

Comino Island was just as beautiful once we set foot onto land. The crystal clear waters, rocky terraces, and bustling stalls made for an epic day. Half of us swam and the other half got a boat to the other end of the island as it was a quieter location for a swim. We all loved it and I even went for a snorkel in the clear yet ultra salty waters.

Matching bikinis in Comino island malta

Three musketeers in Malta

To finish off a fabulous day, we treated ourselves to a lovely dinner out in Lore & Fitch steakhouse. If you're ever in the St Julians area, I'd highly recommend this restaurant. The food was some of the best I've ever tried and service as high in standards. We even went back there on our last night as we all loved it that much!

Day 6 - Pool day and cocktail night out

Girls night out in Malta

The 6th day was another ultra chill day where we had a lot of fun and games in the pool! From throwing each other in the water to the British bulldog, it was a ball of laughs. Once the shenanigans were over, we split the group in half and we girls went on our own night out whilst the guys were free for a lads night. Filled with cocktails and chats, the Malta nightlife offers something for everyone.

Day 7 - UFO inflatables, matching swimsuits and date night

Girl trip to Malta

Popping on our matching swimsuits, we girls bought especially for the occasion, we took a stroll down to the harbour area, where you could have a swim and take a boat in deeper for some water sports. We had a little dip then took it in turns to ride the UFO which essentially is a massive inflatable sofa, attached to a boat that pulls you along. I sat between two of the boys in fear of falling off, however, the experience was insane, we all had a giggle as we soared across the bumpy waves.

St Julians Malta

St Julians Malta

 I picked a lovely Italian restaurant called Sardinella for dinner which served up a delicious halloumi starter and Bolognese for mains. We then took a lovely stroll down the marina for a spot of ice cream before joining the rest of the group later that night.

Day 8 - Waterpark and steakhouse

On the last day, we headed down to the 'Splash and fun' waterpark. It wasn't the biggest waterpark I've been to, however, it had its fair share of slides, a fab wave pool, and a lazy river to float down. A chilled day in the sunshine, making a splash in the water park, was the best way to bid goodbye to an incredible holiday. We finished it off with a dinner in our favourite steakhouse and the next day we're up, on our flight home to cheery England.

Malta, I love you. For the water fun, endless laughs, and unforgettable moments with the best group of people I could ever wish for, it's a summer holiday to remember. Some people you just click with and know they'll be with you in all life throws at you. Much love to all my squad. Here's to the next adventure!

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my Malta trip. Have you ever visited?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. it looks like you had a lovely time! I'm so jealous haha, I've always wanted to go to Malta! xx


    1. Thank you lovely! I hope you get to go one day xx

  2. I was so jealous of all your pictures on Instagram. Looks like you had such an amazing time! I love malta its beautiful!

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