5 top hair tips for autumn/winter

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a massive lover of autumn season with the cosier vibes and fashion trends, that when it comes to my hair, I like to think I figured out all the best tips to making it stay put in this weather. With this 5-tip guide, I wanted to share some of my best advice for keeping a tame yet pretty hair do in autumn/winter weather.

When the weather gets colder, hair suffers just like skin and health so it's very important to give it a little tender loving care. I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair which I find quite tricky to stay on point when the wind is blowing everywhere. However I've found a few things to help. Here are my 5 top tips...

Stick to your natural look

As my hair is naturally wavy, straightening can become a pointless task that I find it's best to rock the natural waves in the winter time. If then, it does rain or become a little windy, I wouldn't have wasted any time on my hair (and could spent and extra 10 minutes in bed) plus when it does get wet, it'll dry just how I started out in the day. 

Always have a stretchy hair band on the go

I've always been one of those girls that carry a hairband with me wherever I go and in winter time, it's definitely a handbag essential. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can quickly tie your hair with ease and prevent it looking a little wind swept. Instead of a typical hair tie, I find the spiral plastic hair toggles benefit the most in this season. As they're designed to not kink the hair once it's up, you can easily take your hair out when indoors and it'll look round about the same as before.

Up dos are key

I mostly wear my hair up in winter time as I know it's the season when my timely hairstyle may not hold. I like to then rock my favourite up dos from ponytails, a messy bun to classic French plaits. They're all quick and easy but can look super cute on an everyday basis.

Hair masks can be a life saviour

My natural hair can get incredibly dry especially in colder months and find hair masks to be an absolute life saver. They inject so much moisture back into the hair and nourish it in many different ways. My favourite is the 'Keratin smooth' by TRESemmé because it has a stunning scent and leaves your hair feeling ever so smooth.

Find the hair products for you

Everybody's hair type is different so it's important to find the right products that suit you. If you have coloured hair, look out for colour protecting shampoos, or dry hair like mine, purchase products that will fully nourish your locks. It's all about testing haircare and finding the perfect products.

Whichever hair type you have, we can all use a few extra tips. eSalon, an at-home hair colour company, sent over a few infographics with the best haircare tips for me to share. Check them out below!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your hair tips for autumn/winter time?

Thank you for reading <3

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