Why self belief is so important ❤️

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With the society we live in, it's almost deemed as a bad thing to love yourself even though all we're ever taught is to be kind to one another. The being kind mantra to everybody else is such a norm so why do we stop with ourselves? You are the main part of your existence. Your thoughts, flaws and best qualities are what make you special so why shouldn't you take a stance of not only loving who you are but believing in you.

Each and every one of us has goals and dreams they'd like to conquer in their lifetime. Whether it's their 5 year career plan or simply to be more of an outgoing, confident person, we all strive towards something. These goals and ambitions all begin with self belief. If you don't have the faith in yourself that you will do well in a job interview or any other step to lead you to that goal, it'll be even more difficult to reach. You can do whatever you set you mind to. The world is full of possibilities, opportunities and any route you want to take. Just like that famous saying ' when one door shuts, another one opens'. In life, you'll constantly have obstacles/criticism, but it's about picking yourself up from these situations, moving on and learning from that experience.

Self belief is important for 3 main reasons:

1) You're important - Caring for loved ones around you is everyone's main priority, but you and your goals are just as important. It's okay to be selfish every once in a while to care and work on yourself, striving towards any of your ambitions.

2) You need to grow - Life is about growth. Through every stage of it whether by month or year, we're a different person to what we were previously. This can be through confidence, knowledge, love and more. The possibilities with your growth are endless.

3) To learn from your mistakes - When you fail a test or get knocked down by your boss, it's only you and your self belief that will bring you back up. This perseverance and drive will make you into a more confident, ambitious person. We're all human and everybody makes mistakes in each aspect of life so take these times as a learning curve.

I hope you enjoyed this little rambly post. What are you best self belief tips?

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  1. So true!

    Rachael xox

  2. I love this post, for some reason we think it's bad to love ourselves. We should grow in confidence and believe we can do anything we set our minds to.


  3. I looooved this post! Sometimes I still struggle with confidence but I'm getting better at it everyday.


  4. Great post, so important to believe in ourselves


  5. Learn from your mistakes🙌🏽 Love this post so much! Preach it!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

  6. This is so true! Love this post! Spoke to me so much! xx C&K

  7. I always go by when one door shuts another one opens too!

  8. This is all so very true. It never hurts to learn from your mistakes because that's the best route to take. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  9. Aw I love this post! Definitely a lot of "note to self" things here for the future xxx

    The Frugal Teen | http://thefrugalteen.wixsite.com/thefrugalteen

  10. Learning for your mistakes is so important! I always feel a little bit disheartened when my manager tells me to change something or that I've done something wrong, but I need to remember that it's to help me learn!


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