#2014BloggerChallenge:Food- My Brother's birthday cake!

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm extremely late for this topic I know, however I'd thought I'd share with you this amazing recipe I found to make my brother's birthday cake.

My brother turned 12 on Wednesday which was the same day my best friend turned 18! Can't believe he's already 12, time goes really quickly. My twin and I searched for a chocolate cake recipe for a while looking through all out books and on the Internet, where we finally came across one. Here is the recipe we used! Originally the design was a mini egg cake but we decided to use some of my brothers favourite chocolates and decorate it differently, here's the finished result:

I love how it turned out, it was simplistic yet I thought it looked really cute! The recipe was really easy to use and the result was delicious.
Thank you for reading this short  post, I hope you enjoyed! <3


  1. This looks amazing! Inspired me to start baking again

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  2. You're blog is fabulous! Do you mind checking my blog out? The cake looks amazing!


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