#2014BloggerChallenge: Skincare routine

Well hello to you my reader chums! The second topic for the #2014BloggerChallenge was all about Skincare! Recently I've got more into Skincare and added a couple more products to my routine.
Here's everything I like to use, I'm going to talk you through my daily Skincare routine and add in a few tips. 
Day and night I use this cleanser and toner by L'oreal. In the morning I would wipe the cleanser and toner all over my face with a cotton pad after I've rinsed and dried my face to take off excess make up that wasn't removed from the previous evening and all impurities/bacteria left over in this skin. 
Following that I would apply my moisturiser, I use the moisture match by Garnier for normal to dry skin. I've been using this for so long that it's probably been mentioned quite a few times before!  

For the night time I would cleanse my skin with the cleanser shown above to remove all the make up worn in the day.
Then I would go ahead and wash my face with this face wash which helps unclog the pores. I've only used this recently and it honestly has made such a difference, my skin feels so much more fresher and healthier. It feels like it does the job and gets rid of all the nasty germs on the skin. I then wipe the toner all over the face with a cotton pad and I'm done! I don't like to moisturise in the evening as I like to give my skin the chance to breathe. 

The final product I want to show you which I don't use daily, like once/twice a week is this warming face mask from the body shop. My mum brought this home the other week to test out and wow it's amazing. When you put it on it has this warm sensation and this perfect ginger scent, you leave it on for five minutes then wash it off. I noticed the difference straight away, my skin felt instantly healthier and clean. I've now added this to my routine as I fell in love with it straight away! 

Hope you enjoyed reading my Skincare routine! 

My tips for you are: 
Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. 
Have make up free days from time to time to give the skin a chance to breathe!
Don't touch your face often during the day, it sounds weird but your just putting bacteria of things you've touched around you onto your skin. 
Don't pop a spot as tempting as it is, it'll just cause more spots to produce and can leave scars. 
Clean your make up brushes regularly! 

Thank you for reading my post on Skincare, I really hope you enjoyed and found this helpful! ❤

Liebster award!

Well hello to you my reader chums! Its liebster award time again, I think I'm on like my 3/4 post of this.I was nominated by the beautiful Mel from It's me Mel, whose blog is amazing, go check it out!

Here are the questions:

1)What is your must have beauty cosmetic that you can't live without?
Oooh this one is a toughie, however I would have to say concealer. Its my life saver especially on school mornings where I look extremely tired in the mornings, so I just apply some of this under my eyes and I  instantly lookawake.
2)What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
I'm quite a girly girl so I love to go shopping, test out new make up looks and products. I'm such a bookworm, I love spending time chilling with a book or just listening to music. Also, just spending time with my friends, I honestly have the best group of friends and I'm so thankful to have them in my life.
3)Do you have any pets?
No I don't, I used to have a gorgeous little bunny called Sammy, who I absolutely loved to bits, I treated him like my child! My mum and sister used have guinea pigs as well called Mario and Luigi and we had two hamsters. I would love to get another pet, I miss having one really.
4)What do you want to be when your older?
Now this question is one that has been on my mind for years. I would have friends round me who knew exactly what they wanted to do and had all these plans and I felt so silly not being able to know. However lately, I've had a think and I'd love to work in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, for a make up brand or just being able to write about beauty would be the perfect job for me.
5)What is your favourite topic to blog about?
Ooooh I love doing a good review on products I've loved as well as books! Make up tutorials are another favourite of mine because I love sharing looks I've created with you guys.
6) Got anything good/exciting planned for this year?
Yes, yes I have! I'm only going to Miranda's what I call tour in April with my twin! You do not understand my excitement! Also, I leave sixth form this year, meaning I turn 18 and prom is coming up!
7) How did 2013 treat you?
It was a very up and down year for me, I had quite a few highs going to see One Direction, the Sound Island Festival, UnionJ and Wicked as well as loads of amazing memories with my friends. However, I did go through a dark patch within myself through lots of personal struggles, I'm happy to say I got through it with the support around me!
8) Did you have a nice Christmas/New year?
I had an amazing Christmas, felt so thankful for everything I received and to spend the time with my family. I had a quiet new years with the family, but I really enjoyed it as we spent the day with my nan.
9) Mineral or liquid foundation?
I'm not really a foundation lover, I don't really wear it that often, I'm more into BB creams. Therefore I would pick liquid as they are the same consistency and I find liquid products easier to apply.
10) What skin care to you use and how often do you use it?
I cleanse and tone day and night, where in the morning I moisturise after. In the evening I would cleanse, use my facial wash which helps unclog pores and then tone again.
11) Does it work for you and would you recommend  it? What skin type is it for?
I have normal to dry skin, meaning this routine does work for me. I like to give my skin a good cleanse and tone to get rid of all the impurities in it after my daily make up I wear.
Thank you for the questions Mel, really enjoyed answering them! Now here's my questions:
1) What product do you think is overlooked and should be hyped up more?
2) What editor do you use for pictures on your blog?
3) How long do you take to get ready for a party/night out?
4) What is your favourite make up brush?
5)Favourite make up brand? High end and drugstore?
6)Worst beauty habit?
7) Is your blog private or do your family/friends know about it?
8) Whats your biggest fear?
9) If you could choose anywhere in the world to live where would it be?
10) Biggest aspiration?
11) Whose the one person you look up to and who inspired you to begin blogging?
Here's all the people I tag:

Book review:The Fault In Our Stars-John Green

Well hello to you my reader chums! It's book review time again. I do love a good read, as you can tell by the title I'm going to be telling you all about The fault in our stars by John Green.
I've heard so many people rave about it and its definitely worth the hype. The story is told from the perspective of a teenage girl who has terminal cancer. The description of her everyday life really helps you appreciate being healthy and the everyday things like walking up stairs which Hazel (girl telling the tale) is unable to easily. Hazel gives an insightful view of her life, how it is living with cancer and the journey she takes. The novel is filled with humour and sadness. 'Cancer perks' are what she calls the things she acquires because of her illness, which adds a burst of light humour on the subject. The way she describes the story really tugs at the heart strings and you really feel her emotion and pain.Not going to lie I cried whilst reading it! 

The moment she meets Augustus waters  was just perfect. I think all girls who read this book want an Augustus waters in their life. All the moments that they spent together are just so magical, it makes you the reader really happy for them. All the struggles they face through after they met, they do together. It's such a beautiful romantic time when they're together. Hazel talks a lot about her favourite book-An imperial infliction, which her and Augustus again share together. He's just the perfect boy anyone could wish for. Each conversation they has ends with okay? Okay. Their relationship is so precious and it makes you fall in love with both characters. 

It has a rather unexpected ending in my opinion, I thought it would end completely different. However, I can't express to you how amazingly written this whole novel is. Through all the quirky conversations, the heart breaks, the beautiful moments life brings, it really shows you how special life is. It has it's ups and downs, but through them you become who you are. 

Honestly one of the best novels I've read, beautifully tragic, a must read! I'd recommend it to every single one of you! If you want a book that you will smile, cry and want to read over and over, this is for you <3 

Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed <3

December favourites!

Well hello to you my reader chums! As were in a new month well new year, it's favourites time! I don't really have many favourites for December as it was quite a busy month with finishing of school work and all the Christmas shopping. However, here are the products I've been loving this month: 

The first product is the maybelline colour tattoo in eternal gold. I've been loving using this as a base, it really helps keep the eye shadow last longer and give a bit of glitter to the look. Gotta love some sparkle in your life! 

The next product is a lip balm which I received as part of secret Santa in our history class. It came in a set of three with two other flavours. As soon as I got it, I used it straight away. The lip balm has a lovely consistency which really helps moisturise your lips as well as having a lovely smell. The packaging to them was really cute as well with sweet animals on them. 
The next item is the great lash mascara by maybelline. I bought this as I wanted to test out a new mascara and it turns out I adore it! As I have really annoying lashes that don't stay curled easily, it's hard to find a mascara that will help this. Great lash does this, it keeps my lashes long and curled with them still looking natural. Also I realised after I got home I bought the brownish black, at first I thought I wouldn't like it as I usually stick to black mascaras. However, to me it makes my lashes look more natural and looks as good as any black mascara. 

The next product is this metallic cream in gold rush by collection. I've been using this on the centre of my eye lids to brighten them and add some sparkle, like I did in my Christmassy tutorial. It's a lovely texture and really easy to apply. 

The last product is the Rimmel scandals eyes liner in black. I've had this liner for a while but got back into using it lately. I've been lining my tight line with it, to make my lashes look thicker/fuller.
A book favourite of mine has to be the fault in our stars. I finally got around to read it and its honestly one of the best books I've read. I'll have a review up on it soon. Such a beautifully tragic novel <3 
That's all my favourites, thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed! <3 

#2014Bloggerchallenge: New Years inspiration

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I'm going to do my first post of the #2014bloggerchallenge which I'm so excited to take part in. The first topic was New Years inspiration where we would find a quote that would inspire us for the new year. Here's the quote: 

Live the life you've imagined <3. The reason I chose this quote is because to me it says follow your dreams, be who you want to be and live the amazing life you've wished for. Looking at a quote like this encourages me to work hard at school and really push forward into making my dreams a reality. This year I'm going to take on board every opportunity that gets thrown my way and to ignore the haters and do what makes me happy. Following what you want to do is hard work, but if you really want it the hard work will pay off in the end. The advice I give to all my beautiful readers is live this amazing life, don't doubt what you can do, start believing in yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to! I've had struggles with self esteem and other problems last year, meaning I'm determined to make 2014 my year, full of happiness, new experiences and fun! Life's what you make it! 

Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed ! <3 

Sales shopping haul!

Well hello to you my reader chums! Thought I begin the new year with a good old haul for you all! 2013 had its ups and downs, but I've had the support of my friends and family through it all. I hope 2014 brings happiness and joy to all my readers! Determined to make this my year, do what makes me happy and stop worrying about everything. 

On Saturday I headed up to Bluewater with a couple of my best friends to hit the sales! We were there for ten hours, was a tiring but hilarious day! 
Here's everything I bought: 
The first place we headed was House of Fraser as me and Mel were determined to get our hands on the naked palette. Sadly in the urban decay section they were all out of the naked palettes. However the lovely lady there told us that the smoked palette was quite similar to the naked palette with it having some of the colours. Also it came with a travel size version of the primer potion and a black liner in perversion. 
The palette has several other colours which are beautifully pigmented and lovely colours to use for smokey eyes, hence the name of the palette-smoked. Also it comes with a booklet for tutorials for different looks. It cost me £35, I'm so happy to finally have my first urban decay product! 
The next place I bought something was lush where they had a 50% sale. I bought two of these soaps one for me and ones for Danielle. It's called angels delight and it smells divine, just like sweeties! I was really hoping to buy some of their face masks but they were out of stock. 
Another shop I got something in was superdrug. Mel and I literally ran in hoping they stocked sleek as the one near us doesn't. We were so happy to see that they did! I then went and bought their blush in rose gold. 

The last thing I purchased in Bluewater was this gorgeous jumper in forever 21. I got it in the bigger size because it looked better slouchier on me. It's honestly so soft and I love this pretty light pink colour. 

When I was there I saw these cute ankle boots in new look. 
Unfortunately they didn't have my size, however the next day I went to my local new look who also didn't have my size, meaning I ended up ordering them online. I think they're so classy and would be really cute with a skirt and tights. 
When I was in my local new look I also bought this sweet collared top, another one to add to my collection of collared tops! 
Not going to lie, I have an obsession with them! I absolutely love this one though and it's was only a tenna. 

The other dayI headed up to the shops again as I wanted to get something to help my skin as I've noticed my pores have been really noticeable lately and wanted to unclog them. 
I picked up this face wash by Garnier, I've only used it twice and I'm already noticing the difference! 
The last thing I bought was this bb cream by maybelline. I've wanted to try this for ages so I'm really glad to of got my hand on it. 

Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and spent it with those who are closest to you. This year was a special one for me, I felt really blessed with everything I received and to spend that time with my family <3