Confessions of a beauty blogger!

Well hello to you dear reader chums!

Today I'm doing a tag like post about the confessions of a beauty blogger! I was tagged by the amazing Mel on Its me Mel, go check out her blog! Lets get started with the questions :)

1) How many hours a week do you spend writing/editing posts?

Ooooh this is a difficult one! I'm not too sure because some weeks I blog more than others to be honest, I should really make a schedule but I prefer to blog when things come to mind or an idea is fresh in my brain rather than creating something when I have no inspiration. If I was doing a favourites post or a makeup tutorial it would take more time than a tag post like this because I would need to take and edit the photos, write about it etc etc. I would say I spend a good 3-4  hours a week maybe more depending on how many blogs I write.

2) Are you a spender or saver?
I'm a bit of both! Sometimes when I go shopping I would easily splash out on things whereas other times I'll be really stingy and say 'you don't need that'. If there is something I really wanted I would save up for it! I am a bit of a shopaholic though so I have to restrict myself from buying things!
3) When is it easier to blog?
Its most easiest for me to blog in the evenings after school when I don't have much school work to do or on the weekends as I have more free time then. However, as I said before I don't like forcing ideas, I prefer when an idea springs to mind, meaning that sometimes decides when its easiest to blog.
4) What makes writing behind a computer so comfortable for you?
Hmm I guess its because I've always loved writing and having a blog gives me the opportunity to babble about things I love!
5) What is your worst make up/hair habit?
I would say my worst make up habit is making sure my winged liner is perfect everyday which is some challenge as it never goes even! For my hair habit I would say its sticking with the same hairstyle all the time rather than trying different looks.
6) What is one quote you wished the world lived by?
This quote has got me through so much which is 'Just keep swimming', originally from Finding Nemo, but Talia used to always say it. Talia Castellano will always be my idol, my inspiration, rest in paradise my angel <3
7) How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
For school I would say about over an hour as I have to do my skin care routine, my everyday make up look and my hair. My make up usually takes about 15-20 mins and depending on what I do to my hair the time varies! For nights out/ parties, I'd say about an hour and a half to two hours because I take forever! I have to make sure my nails/makeup/hair are perfect!
8) Who are your favourite bloggers?
My favourite bloggers are definitely Zoella and Louise, they are the reason I began blogging! I love how they call each other chummy, its too cute! They're my favourite youtubers too as well as Alfie, Tanya, Jim, pixiwoo etc :)
9) Who is a blogger that deserves more subscribers?
I would say Parie from Classandglitter as I always love reading her posts. She seems like a genuine, down to earth girl and I just love her blog!
10) What is one thing you are excited about in the upcoming year?
Going to Miranda Harts tour! I was finally able to get tickets when she released new dates and I'm literally soooo excited!! I'm like her biggest fan! Also turning 18 and finishing school, its really weird knowing this is my last year at school but I'm excited to see what the future holds :)
11) What is your most awkward blogging moment?
Oooh when I post a blog and read a bit of it over and realised that I hadn't spell checked it, meaning it makes no sense, hahaha!
12) How long does it take you to prepare a post?
It depends on the post really, for a tag post not very long as I just respond to the answers. However, if its a make up tutorial a couple of hours as I have to take all the pics, edit them and write about it!
13) Are you wearing trousers right now or jogging/pj bottoms?
I'm wearing my heart pj shorts!
14) What are you most proud of in your life?
I'm really proud of my GCSE and AS results  because I worked so hard and got the grades I wanted! Also I'm proud of my blog, even though its small I've found something that's truly made me happy!
Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed! <3
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  1. Awww, thank you ever so much! I will be doing this tag as part of blogmas and thankyou for tagging me and saying that you love my reading my blog - i love yours as well! xx

  2. nice post! good to know more about you! :*



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