Be beautiful you!

Well hello to you my fellow reader chums!

For today's blog I decided to more of a serious one, discussing this vision of 'beauty' society has. Surrounding us we have these constant images in magazines or on TV of all these stick thin celebrities and how 'perfect' they all are. These constant images cause normal teenagers to put themselves down as they're too 'fat' or 'ugly' or don't fit this 'perfect' image. I hate how companies promote that we should all have this stick thin figure in order to look beautiful because that's not the case, every size is beautiful. A number on the scales does not determine if you're beautiful or not. We were all made different shapes and sizes for a reason, to be unique and our own person. There is no point in having copies of everyone or we'll all be like robots. A thigh gap or your ribs being shown isn't needed to be perfect. Perfection isn't real, everybody has their flaws and what you need to do is embrace them.

Words hurt okay. Whenever you brand someone with a name like 'fat' or 'ugly' even if your joking, it stays with them, those words could make them think they are not good enough and lead to things such as suicide or depression. Think before you speak, never put anyone down. If somebody has ever said anything to make you feel down on yourself, ignore it, you are good enough and you are beautiful. Don't let the bullies win and see that you're weak, stay strong and rise above them, they are just jealous and think by putting you down it will make them feel better about themselves. Something you should do is keep positive if you are feeling bad about yourself, positive thinking is the way forward! This is something I've done recently as my friend suggested, is every night think about something good about your day, it could be the weather, where you've been, who you saw, if you liked your hair etc. Just something happy about your day so you'll be in a happy state of mind before bed.

Believe in yourself! Stop doubting your abilities, it'll just bring you down even more. If you have a career you want to pursue go for it and do what makes you happy. Embrace those flaws that you have and keep smiling!

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear! <3

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, stay strong and be beautiful you! <3


  1. This was so motivational:-) Thanks:)xxx
    - From Annie ToadRoad


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