Stepping out of your comfort zone :)

Evening, my fellow readers!

Hey there... so time for some wise words! I'm quite a shy girl when it comes to new people and new experiences and lately I've been trying to brake out of this shell which i usually hide away in and take on these new experiences and things life throws at you! Who knows where it can take you? Like they say everything has to start from somewhere, meaning if you want to do something go and give it a try as it could lead to something amazing that you'd thought would never happen before! Follow your dreams and don't give up, it may be hard at first but you just need to plough through it to get to the top!

I know its only a small thing but saying 'yes' to a big social gathering is really good for me, i only usually talk to people who i feel comfortable around and won't judge me, however for once i decided to go out and meet up with a big group of people that i don't really speak to! I suppose its brought out my confidence more and realised that maybe those people aren't that bad after all and don't judge me for who i am.

This year i have definitely become more confident as a person, I've taken on many things which i didn't think was possible and been to places I'd never thought I'd go! I've met so many new people when i started sixth form which I'm really happy about as they've made a big impact in my life and help me be me more if that makes any sense?

What I'm trying to say is if you feeling low on confidence, try and brake out your shell! Talk to new people, say 'yes' to opportunities that life throws at you and live for the moment! Time is a precious thing that you don't want to waste, so don't dwell on things that you could of done, do those things, have those experiences and most importantly enjoy life! :)

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