Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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Decisions, decisions, decisions aye?! One of the many reasons i hate growing up, there's just so much to think about! I'm now nearly at the end of my first year of sixth form and let me tell you it hasn't been easy, people were right about the big jump from GCSE to A levels, they are so much harder! Which means the end of school is nearly coming to an end with only a year left.. sad times if you think about it, I've had many good and bad memories there! However the real thing to think about now is what i want to do in the future and i can honestly say i have no idea, there's just so many things out there to choose from!

Everyone says do what makes you happy and follow your dreams, this exactly what I'm trying to do, I'm one of those people who dream big! Don't think your dreams are just automatically going to come, you do really have to work hard if you want to be at the top. Now if your like me and are clueless about what you want to do in the future here are some tips:

1) Talk to your local career adviser and see what jobs are available in the interests that you have.

2) Before you set a complete plan of what you want to do go and have a look at many universities/ colleges to get an idea of the multitude of courses out there.

3)Talk to your  teachers and family about career advise as they were once in your position and know what it was like.

4) Do what makes you happy, its your life after all so there's no point in doing a job that your parents think is best for you.

5) Get some work experience in that area of job you are interested in, so you'll get a feel of what its like and learn the trick of the trade.

6) If your  like me and considering opening a business, do some research on business and make sure you know the industry before taking drastic steps. Also research about loans and support as you have to start off somewhere, nothing can come from nothing!

I hope these tips help! Growing up is a pain, i just want to go back to being five again with no worries and knowing your parents chose everything for you all you had to choose was your ice cream flavour! Good times, so for now I'm going to keep researching into what i want to do and see whats out there.

Be the change you want to see in the world <3

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