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Well hello you my reader chums! Valentine's Day is just under a week now and if you've left your present shopping to the last minute, I've got a few ideas for you.

Gifts4u Valentines gifts sets

When it comes to Valentine's, instead of expensive gifts, I think personalised and sentimental presents are the way forward. I'm a very sentimental person as it is and considering it's 'the day of love', there's no better time to show your affection through a thoughtful gift. Giftsonline4u got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to share a few personalised Valentine's gifts of theirs to my readers. After a little browse on their website, I couldn't wait to personalise gifts for my boyfriend and share my thoughts with you all.

They gave me the opportunity to personalise two items and review them. Here's a closer look... 

The personalised glass and alcohol set

Giftsonline4u personlaised whiskey set

When I first had a look at their Valentine's Day gifts, the glass and alcohol set really caught my eye. I love how you're able to write your own message on a glass as a little keepsake and pick a spirit to go alongside it. The 'personalised whisky' set can either come with whisky, vodka, white rum, gin or Jack Daniels in a 50ml bottle. This means if your partner doesn't like whisky, you're able to swap out that alcohol to a drink they'd prefer. My boyfriend is currently at university so a small set like this will really come in handy for house parties. When it comes to the glass, it's big enough to fit a name in bold and a 3 lined message. This allows you enough space to wish them a 'Happy Valentine's Day' and sign off in whichever way you'd like to. The size of the glass itself is one of those typical tumbler glasses, designed for alcoholic beverages including the matching spirit which comes in the set. Also, the packaging of the set is very classy; the items are laid in a silky material and put together in a classic black box. I think this is a great idea, it's simple yet thoughtful. You get to add your own message to personalise up the gift and your other half can enjoy a small drink on you before the Valentine's Day celebrations begin.

The personalised key ring

Gifts4u personalised photo key ring

Your keys are something you carry around everywhere. If you're other half is someone who collects key rings from different places you've visited or loves to buy the candid photo key rings at theme parks, this sort of gift is for them. There's two main things I love about the key ring; one, that you're able to engrave a short phrase on the back and two, put a picture of you and your other half on the back. That means, when your partner is carrying around the key ring with them, they can see a picture of you and read your thoughts. For a picture key ring, it's also a fab size. Not too big that you can't see the image, but big enough that the faces will be clear (I still need to add in a photo). There's also enough space to write a sweet old message. The key ring feels very tough and doesn't seem as if it would break easily. Likewise to the glass, I love the simplicity to this item and how you can convey your love in a sweet, small present.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Would you prefer the glass or key ring as a gift?

Thank you for reading <3

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