Beauty review: Acne ultra clear cleansing power

Well hello to you my reader chums! For today's post, I'm going to share with you a skincare product I've been trialling over the past few weeks, Acne ultra-clear cleansing power. I was given this to test out and even though I have never suffered from acne, I thought I would have a go and see how it coped with my current breakout. It's designed first and foremost as an acne treatment, however, can also be used as a daily/nightly moisturiser.

Acne ultra clear cleansing power

Packaging - I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging. I like the clear through the outer rim and mirrored lid, yet I think the bold writing takes that sophisticated look away, cheapening it slightly. As acne isn't really a topic people are thrilled about, the title 'ACNE' could have been concealed and written subtly- just my personal opinion. Other than that, I like how its a screw-on lid and the amount of product you get for 50mls!

Scent - When I initially opened the tub, all I could smell was cinnamon, one of my favourite spices. Over time through using the cream twice a day, I got used to the cinnamon scent and it wasn't as prominent anymore for me, however, the subtleness still lingers. The underlying scent is quite medical if that makes sense, it has the smell that you know isn't artificially made and will do the job!

Acne ultra clear cleansing power

Consistency - On the first application I was quite surprised about the thickness of this product and how a little certainly goes a long way! As it's meant for acne treatment, I focused it mainly on my 'breakout zone' areas including my forehead and chin. Since this was only a small percentage of my face, I needed the tiniest amount to blend in. When rubbing it into my skin, the product felt gentle and ultra-creamy/thick, where the more you work it in, the easier it sets. As it is a rather thick consistency, it took more massaging than the usual moisturiser, yet settles in swiftly.

Did it do the job? That's the biggest question you're all wanting to know! As I don't have acne I can't comment from that perspective, however, what I can say is the cream as certainly made a difference. After using it for a few weeks on my troublesome areas daily and nightly, the redness and spots have been reduced. I personally think it's down to this cream as I've really been working it into the skin on such a regular basis.

Acne ultra clear cleansing power
Acne ultra clear cleansing power

Overall, I've thoroughly enjoyed using this product and will continue to include it in my everyday skincare routine. One of my favourite elements has to be how natural the entire product is and you can even tell by the scent that it's not artificial what you're putting onto the skin. As it's such a natural remedy, I would definitely recommend it to everyone including those with sensitive skin.

I hope you enjoyed this beauty review. Have you tried this cream before?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Great review Will have to check it out. :)X

  2. I love how theyve designed the packaging that it's quite edgy and teenagery, if you see what I mean?!The fact that spots and redness have died down sounds like I need it!
    Charlotte //

    1. Yeah I can completely see where you're coming from! Ooh if you try it out let me know how you get on lovely xx


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