Bra-blems - Bra problems and solutions

Well hello to you my reader chums and happy Sunday! Today, I wanted to do a different kind of post for you all discussing 'bra-blems' aka bra problems. The bra company Third Love created a bra fit guide to share (shown below). I thought this would be a more fun, quirky and relatable blog to do so let's get chatting about my experiences.

For all of us girls out there, bras can be an annoyance and I'm sure we'd have to agree after the long working day we'd like to whip them off! As a small busted girl, I wouldn't say I have many really frustrating bra-blems however there's a few things which are a pain from time to time.


Too tight straps - When buying new bras, I always find they're on the tightest strength which means they need adjusting before I wear them. I'm the worst when it comes to this because I either leave it too tight or too loose, both resulting in discomfort. If it's too tight, I find my bra will move up my chest when I reach up for instance or when its too loose I don't feel like I have enough support and there's really no point in wearing one.

Incorrect fitting - Buying bras can be quite tricky but I tend to be the same size usually despite shops slightly differing in their measurements. Therefore I find this means wherever I buy the bra from, it'll be on various levels of comfort. Some fit like an absolute gem, yet others (as I haven't got the best cleavage) have a slight gap between my boobs and the bra itself.

Not being able to find my size - Now being a very petite girl, bra shopping can be very tedious at times, mainly because certain styles don't cater towards my size. I've gone into shops before and saw the cutest designs yet couldn't pick one up as the smallest size was a cup size above mine ( a rather embarrassing thing to admit really). Therefore I tend to stick with styles and stores which I know stock my size and fit completely comfortably.


Getting measured - I think this could solve many women's issues with their bras as a massive percentage of woman actually do wear the wrong size , which is not only uncomfortable, but can be quite damaging to the breast tissue. There's many places that offer free bra fittings including Debenhams, Fenwicks, M&S, Ann Summers etc. Simply ask in store and I'm sure a member of staff will be happy to assist! I think this is one of the best solutions as bra shopping will become much easier and you'll find them more comfortable to wear.

Petite brands - I've seen out there certain online shops designed for those with small busts which means if you're like me give it a good old research. Also many high street stores to have ranges that fit my size just not every style, you've just got to be a hawk eye with this to find the beauties!

Check out this guide for a more in depth explanation on how to choose a bra and the factors to consider.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my bra-blems. What are yours?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. This was so interesting to read! I often find my straps slip but I'm normally just too lazy to tighten them...awful I know!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post! Don't worry I'm the same with that haha! X

  2. haha what a great post! reminds me off all of my bra struggles I have


  3. Such a helpful post, loved this!
    Charlotte //


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