Christmas stocking filler gift guide!

Well hello to you my reader chums! With the lead up to Christmas well under way, I wanted to put together a guide of small gift ideas either to put in stockings, give to friends or other family members. Preparing and planning presents for others in the festive season has to be one of my favourite things, there's nothing more rewarding than seeing a big smile on someone's face! I've therefore put together a few ideas which I think would be a lovely gift for those still unsure on what to buy.

Beauty gift sets - First things first, it has to be said that the wide variety of beauty gift sets available in Boots, Superdrug or Debenhams are amazing this year, perfect for any small or large gift. From mini makeup bundles, body care, skincare, food sets including Starbucks, Costa, amongst other quirky gifts, such as novelty sets and themed items, there's more than enough to pick from. My favourite has to be the Soap and Glory sets in particular because the design and selection available are simply fab.

Notebooks -  Another stocking item/present I think is ideal at Christmas are notebooks, planners or diaries. With the New Year approaching, it's the time where new plans come about and everyone likes to start afresh. This to me is the best time for a new notebook or planner to begin writing down ideas or planning future events in the upcoming year ahead. For doodling and note taking purposes, I think you can't go wrong with a matching set of notebooks, the ones pictured below are from Matalan. When it comes to planners, two I love the look of are personal planner and the happiness planner, both of which would make a completely unique present. You're able to personalise them for the specific person and I love how the happiness planner is filled with inspiration/positivity to give you a little boost when needed.

Hand creams - Since Christmas is a rather chilly season, an absolute essential stocking filler has to be hand creams. It's certainly needed at this time of year and with the selection of numerous beauty gift sets available, finding cute and beautifully scented hand creams is easy, making a luxurious yet helpful gift.

Make your own hot chocolate & mug -  If you'd rather do something a bit more creative that's usable, a homemade gift can be that extra bit special. You can either go all out with this gift by painting the mug yourself, buying mini sachets of hot chocolate and baking some cookies or you can simply purchase a cute Christmassy looking mug, fill it with the desired treat, then wrapping it in cellophane to give it that extravagant look.

Cake in a jar - I've seen a couple of kits like these in shops recently at quite hefty price tags so I thought if you were on a budget why not make it yourself? If you have a friend who adores baking, something like this would be fantastic. You could find a yummy recipe either online or in a book you have at home, buy the jar and fill it with everything that's required to make that cake. Finish the jar off with a ribbon, note explaining the recipe and there you have it a sweet yet creative gift!

Picture frame - For something a bit more sentimental in the heart warming season, I find putting one of your favourite pictures in a frame or making a collage of them is always a touching present. It gives you time to reminisce on those memories and essentially have a keepsake of that day, great for a best friend or close family member. This idea would be perfect for somebody as well if they've just moved into a new house because it adds an accessory to one of the rooms yet brings some love.

Cosy socks/winter wear - The last idea has to of course be something soft and cosy. What's Christmas without a comfy pair of fuzzy socks or over sized jumpers? Whether you're wanting to buy a jumper ( so many high street shops have some gorgeous ones in at the minute), a scarf ( I'd recommend Primark's ones, completely inexpensive and incredibly warm), socks or gloves and a hat, all would be much appreciated in this bitterly weather especially if we finally get snow this year.

I hope you enjoyed this stocking filler gift guide. What other presents ideas do you have?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I love the look of the happiness planner it is just rather expensive! I put it on my Christmas wishlist but I doubt anyone got me it! I may have to treat myself!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Same here! Nothing like a Christmas treat for yourself! :) xx

  2. You've got so many great ideas!
    Charlotte //

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  4. You cant go wrong with a soap and glory gift set at christmas! Also I've seen lots of them hot chocolate kits too! I think there great, be a fun DIY also!

    Amy x

    1. So true! Yeah, love a good diy gift, makes present planning that little bit more fun! X

  5. Great post, some good stocking filler ideas! X


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