#DearMe- A letter to my younger teenage self

Dear Me,
              Despite what you may think, you turn out perfectly fine. All those bad hair days, or times where you didn't get the grade you wanted or even when you were known as one of the geeky, quiet ones in school, haven't made a difference to your outcome and the person you grew to be. Through all your experiences, you have gained the loveliest group of friends, those who love you for you and have developed into a happy and strong individual.

Over thinking and setting high standards for yourself- Through the years these two things were your biggest downfalls. Even though aiming high for yourself is a good thing, it isn't in the way of the added pressure you put on yourself. Take a breather and chill if you don't get the highest grade you wished for, stop adding extra stress because exams are coming up and you feel like you need to get the grade to prove to others you have something good about yourself. You do not need to prove anything, you have so many good attributes and the people who mattered knew that. Over thinking about the minor things said throughout a day will make you even sadder than you are already feeling. Its unnecessary sadness because you deserve so much happiness, even if you think you're the most horrible person out there- let me tell you, you aren't. Worrying about all the irrelevant things added to the stress and pressure you put on yourself, however over time you learnt and got through it, just keep smiling.

Friends- Quantity over quality. Having a big friendship circle at the beginning of secondary school isn't the main thing because it'll only be a select few who you will keep and cherish for life. Those true friends are the ones that matter and stick with you through every choice and worry you have. They will love you for all your little quirks and appreciate all you do for them. Don't stick with those who put you down, just leave. Friendships that you had with constant negative people are the reason for your loss in confidence, however once they were removed from your life, you found those friends who truly loved you and created the positivity you needed. Through the times where you felt like you had nobody, there were people who cared.

Confidence and happiness- Finding who you are and accepting yourself was one of your hardest things, yet you got there. Stop comparing yourself to others, sure there could be many other pretty girls in class, but that's them and you are you. You have amazing features that they may not have because we are all individuals. You have flaws but so does everybody and that makes us all human. Stop worrying about looking perfect, perfection isn't real. Embrace your petite figure- Just because you may not have big boobs and bum doesn't mean there's anything wrong with being thin. You can work a bikini in the summer, you have a thin stomach many dream of so grasp that and rock it. Don't be concerned what people think of your slimmer figure because everyone comes in different sizes and they are all beautiful, including you. Be brave in your fashion choices and makeup looks because it'll gives you more of a confident outlook when walking up the street. Your style is something only you can pull off, therefore strut all you have and wear whatever you want! Don't feel the need to always wear makeup. Yes you gain a big obsession with makeup but it isn't necessary to always wear to make you look pretty, your natural beauty will always shine through. When on your own, don't care what others may think around you because it will lower your confidence, just believe in yourself and that you can do it. You are allowed to be happy, it will come and you will finally feel happy and strong.

Keep dreaming- Everything you put your mind to you can achieve. 'If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough'. You can do absolutely anything, work to the best of your ability and things will eventually pay off. You can't get what you want straight away, but its all about working up. Be patient and don't expect things, live freely and just keep trying. Always believe in yourself and think, 'I'm invincible' and that way nobody can stop you.

Always do what you love- Never feel pressured into going along with things you don't want. Just because everyone is going to uni doesn't mean you have to follow that trend. Everything will figure its way out in the end, just go with your heart. You will find you passions and work out what kind of road you want to take in life. You aren't alone in the matter and will find many others struggle with their future choice.

Don't let anxiety ruin an opportunity- Whether this may be a party or simply meeting up wit friends, try and not let it affect your day. Keep positive and strong because if you feel that scared and worried, your friends will support you and nothing is EVER as bad as you may think it will be.

Carry on loving- Even though having a big heart and caring for so many people around you can be hard at times, it will all pay off because you will be surrounded by those who truly love and care for you too.

Just keep swimming, stay positive, strong and most importantly just carry on being you.

Love Me xxx


  1. Aw, such a great post! Awesome advice, love the idea of bloggers contributing to #DearMe. x


  2. Thank you! I loved the posts I read and thought I would do one myself xx

  3. Ooh! lovely post! This has inspired me to create one of my own :)
    I am only new on here so this has greatly helped me!
    And like above, I also think its great bloggers are contributing to #DearMe

    IKatezo x


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