Well hello to you my reader chums! This topic of the challenge was all about nails. For my post I thought I'd share a nail look I've been loving lately. 
For this look I apply 'Berry Cosmo' by BarryM which I mentioned in my favourites blog on every nail. Followed by a glitter shade which is limited edition on both ring fingers. I adore the look of a feature nail, and I think with this colour combination the nail look is rather elegant. Also the glossy finish of the deep purple shade adds to its beauty! 

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post on my NOTD, let me know what you think of this nail look! Thank you for reading <3 


  1. This is such a nice color!!!

  2. what beautiful nail varnishes! I love purple nail varnishes and this is a stunner love the glitter nail aswell xxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  3. Hi girl i like your blog looks really cute!!
    I am Following you now.
    Maybe you will like mine to

  4. Lovely combo, barry m polish is great and I especially love the glitter :) x

    Sophie (sophee.co.uk)


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