#2014BloggerChallenge:High end wishlist!

Well hello to you my reader chums! Here I am with another post on this challenge, the fourth topic was all about high end vs high street. After reading several posts for inspiration I decided to write a wish list on high end products because there isn't many expensive products in my collection. I mainly buy high street products as I'm only 17 meaning I don't have an income to splurge out on extravagant products. However, if I had the money I splash out on a high end product for a treat every once in a while.

Wish list
1) The Naked palettes: I've heard about a billion reviews on all these palettes and they seemed to be the most hyped palettes in the beauty world. As I already own a urban decay palette and am in love with it, I'd love to own the Naked palettes as they seem perfect for an everyday look. All three are full of beautiful neutral shimmer and matte shades that would be perfect for me as I'm a neutral eye shadow girl.
2) A M.A.C palette: Yes another palette! I've always wanted to try out M.A.C eye shadows and begin my own collection in my very own palette. Some of the shades I want to invest in are the oh so famous wood winked, naked lunch, satin taupe, omega, sable, sketch, patina and lust. All of which are mainly neutrals but they look like such beautiful colours and I'd love to try out looks with them especially sketch as I've always wanted a burgundy eyeshadow.
3) Bronzers: Nars Laguna and Benefit Hoola: Both of these bronzers I've heard a lot of good reviews from and really want to purchase a product which produces a good contour without the face looking too orange! I love how both of them have a beachy themed name as well, its just too cute!

4)M.A.C Paint pots: I've always wanted to get my hands on a good eye base for eyeshadow as I have oily eye lids and the only primer that works for me is Urban Decay's primer potion. As I've heard a lot about these paint pots I'd love to own some especially in the shades 'painterly' and 'layin low' because they are very neutral colours and look perfect for a base.These have often been compared to the Maybelline colour tattoos, which are amazing and only a fraction of the price. However looking at the paint pots they seem to have more of a colour range making me want to try them even more!


'Layin low'
5) Clinique Chubby sticks: I love chubby sticks as they add that pop of colour to the lip without being too intense like a lipstick. When the clinique chubby stick range came out I really wanted to purchase one but could never bring myself to, however then many drugstore brands came out with their own ranges where I tried MUA's and loved them.Even though I liked the high street alternate, I'd love to own a clinique product, in particular one of the chubby sticks.

My favourites out of the range are 'Chunky cherry', 'Curvy candy' and 'Pudgy peony'.
6)M.A.C lipstick in 'Creme cup': I've wanted to own a M.A.C for a while now, I always see people blog, vlog about them and they have such a beautiful range. I want this shade in particular because I'd love a perfect nude lipstick as I tend to where just lip balm on my lips and would love to give it a tint on a day to day basis.

7) O.P.I Nail polishes: I'd love to test out a high end nail polish brand like O.P.I as again a lot of people talk about them and the colours/packaging are lovely!

Here's a few of the nail polishes they offer, I love the look of 'That's berry Darling' and if I ever got my hands on one I'd probably purchase a vibrant colour similar to that.
8) Highlighters: Benefit High beam and YSL 'Touche Éclat': If I'm honest I don't really own any highlighters and would love purchase some. These in particular I've swatched an love the finish given. I would love to buy them nearer the summer time as I find they'd come more in use and would give my cheek bones that extra sparkle.

9) Benefit 'They're real' mascara: Another benefit product I'd love to try out! This mascara has been hyped up a lot, making me want to try it even more to see if its worth the rave, which I'm sure it is!

10) M.A.C 217 Blending brush: I've seen this brush featured in a lot of tutorials I've watched on youtube and I really like the finish it gives off eye shadows when blended. Also, I'd love to own a couple of the other eye brushes from M.A.C.

11) As a little bonus, I would love to own anything from Chanel or Dior, their products are just so luxurious and elegant!
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you've tried any of these products <3


Makeup tutorial: An everyday look

Well hello to you my reader chums, long time no see! As mentioned in previous blogs I'm going to post an everyday look using the smoked palette by urban decay. I wear this look on days where I like to wear eye shadow which isn't everyday. For eye makeup on some days I just apply winged liner and mascara. Here's the final look:
Here's all the products needed to achieve this look: 

For the base I first apply Maybelline's BB cream with the buffer brush from real techniques followed by the concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes with a flat foundation brush. I like to use the BB cream on days where my skin needs a boost. To set the BB cream and concealer I use the oh so famous stay matte powder by Rimmel. To add a bit of colour to my very pale skin I dust the bourjois bronzer all over my face, focuses on the cheekbones and temple area.  The last step is to then apply the Topshop blush in head over heels on my cheeks with my fingers.

Now onto the eyes using this beautiful palette! I use the urban decay primer position to prime my eye lids up to my brow bone. 
For eye shadow I begin by applying kinky, a creamy shade on my lids and all the way to the brow bone as a base and highlight. I then use freestyle all over the lid and slightly in the crease which is this nude type colour.
I then blend barlust through the crease which is this lovely medium brown colour with a hint of shimmer. 
The last shade I use is back door which is this dark matte brown. I put this in the outer corner and blend out. 

To finish this look, I draw a thin line of this black liner perversion by urban decay on my upper lash line. Sometimes I would add a wing too. Also I line my water line with a white liner to open up the eyes.
The last thing I do is curl my lashes and apply the great lash by Maybelline.

Here's a close up of the final look with winged liner! Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed <3

January favourites!

Well hello to you my reader chums! We're in new month which means favourites time yay! Was it just me but I swear January went by really quickly? I think it was probably because how busy I was with all the work I had to do!
Here's all the products I've been loving this month:

The first product I'd like to talk about is the pointed foundation brush by real techniques. I received the core collection set for Christmas and I was literally over the moon! I've been loving this brush for blending my concealer under my eyes as its applied really easy and has a gentle touch.I used to use my fingers to blend, however I find this brush much more effective and quicker to use!

The next product is this Topshop cream blush in head over heels. I fell in love with my other cream blush from Topshop so I was ecstatic when I received this one! Unlike my other one (morning dew) its more red toned and not as pinky. However it still gives this natural glow look which I absolutely adore! It's easy to blend and has a lovely consistency, a must buy.

My next product is this dream BB cream by maybelline. I've wanted to try this product for a while to test out. This month I've been using it on days where my skin was looking uneven or could do with some brightening up. As its a BB it has very light coverage, however I love the tint it gives to my skin and how radiant it makes it.

My nail polish favourite of the month is a matte nail paint by Barry M in vanilla. No word of a lie, I've worn this colour the whole month! I adore the matte finish it gives and how subtle the polish is, a lovely natural polish. As any other Barry M polish it lasts about 5/6 days and has a very thick consistency when applying.

My last product is the beautiful smoked palette by urban decay. If you read my haul post, you'd know I bought this when I went sale shopping. It's such a versatile palette where you can do everyday looks and full on smokey looks which is the main idea of the palette, hence the name smoked. The eye liner that comes with it I've also been loving, it's one of the best eye liners I've used which stays put all day and has easy application. An amazing palette, go and try it if you haven't already! I'll be featuring this palette in an everyday look later this week, so look out for that.

Thank you for reading my favourites, I hope you enjoyed <3 

#2014BloggerChallenge:Book review- Della says OMG

Well hello to you my reader chums, long time no see! I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long, I've literally been extremely busy over the past couple of weeks with mocks and coursework! But I'm back now with topic 3 of the #2014BloggerChallenge which is all about books. If you've been following my blog for a bit, I've done book reviews before and you'd know I love a good read. The book I've chosen today is 'Della says OMG' by Keris Stainton.
Initially I came across this book as I was randomly searching my name Della in the WHSmith website. I read the description and it seemed like my kind of book straight away! 

Della says OMG is about Della, a 15 year old girl whose diary goes missing at a house party. Della is a typical teenage girl whose really shy and has a crush on a guy called Dan.The funny thing is when I first read this book I was her age and we had the same colour hair and name! This book is super girly and the thoughts that is talked about is exactly what goes through every girls mind. It's such a relatable novel which is one of the reasons I fell in love with it! I love the way it's been written, it's definitely suitable for a teenage girl as the language used is like day to day speech rather than posh words that some teenage novels have. This book is really down to earth and such a happy easy read, that I would read over and over again. It has your typical best crazy friend and those horrible girls at school that look down on everyone to make them feel better about themselves. When the diary goes missing all Della's secrets begin to be revealed and the person who ended up taking it was so unexpected! I love this girly fun relatable book with a hint of mystery! It has all the teenage worries and it just seems so real. A definite recommend, I love all of Keris Stainton's novels, she's such an amazing author and one of my favourites! I'd totally check this book and her other ones out if I were you.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed! In the week I'll be uploading my January favourites and an everyday makeup look so keep your eyes peeled for that! <3