The sun project 109

Well hello to you my reader chums! Bit of a different post to usual, however yesterday was the #sunproject109 day. The point of this project was so show awareness for people who suffer from depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts etc. I first saw it on tumblr and thought I'd join in.
There are so many people that we just don't realise who suffer with these things daily, especially young girls/boys. Growing up in this society is one of the most difficult things with us seeing 'the perfect body' always being promoted in magazines with all these 'perfect' looking celebrities on. Girls and boys feel the need of living up to these expectations and forget about their true self, resulting in them gaining self hatred for themselves and getting upset with who they are and why they are unable to be this 'perfect' person.

Apart from this, depression or self harm can be caused from anything such as bullying or just a bad experience. There needs to be so much more awareness for the people who suffer because they think they are alone and have nobody. Whenever people think of cutting, they assume its for attention, what people don't understand is that it's how they take their self hatred out on themselves. 

The people who do suffer, don't realise that there is anything wrong and that it's a mental illness, they think there's no way out but you can get help. All you need is to talk to someone, anyone who is suffering please know people do care for you! Every person on this earth is unique, they have their flaws but also their amazing qualities which makes them special and one of a kind! Please don't give up, staying strong is literally so hard, but you can push through it. Everything gets better with time. 

What ever your going through may feel like a never ending spiral, but trust me everything gets better, tomorrow's a new
day, a fresh start. Have H.O.P.E- hold on pain ends. All of us go through horrible times in our lives, nobody has a perfect life, however what you need to remember is that there are people who will listen and care. Every single one of you is loved.

Keep shining like the stars you and don't give up <3 

Remember you can't have a rainbow without a little rain!

Thankyou for reading! Hopefully there are more days like this so we can help spread awareness <3

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