Liebster award again!

Well hello to you my fellow reader chums!

I have already done a post on this which you can check out here. I have been nominated two more times so I guess I'd do another post on it! The idea of this tag is to nominate 11 bloggers who have under 200 followers and ask them 11 questions. They then have to answer those questions and nominate up to 11 other bloggers!

Here are the first set of questions asked by Little Gingee:

1.Do you play an instrument? No I don't play an instrument but I used to play recorder in primary school if that counts!
2.What is your favourite make up brand? Oooh this is a hard one, I'd have to say maybelline as the few products I own of them, I absolutely love! Although MUA is also an amazing brand because its such good quality for the price that it costs!
3.Where do you want to see yourself in 3yrs time? Hmm in three years time I'd be 20 so hopefully working towards pursuing my make up artist dream.
4. Have you ever met anyone famous? I've never met anyone really famous, but I've met like famous-ish sport stars in primary school. However I did go to the kids choice awards when I was eleven and high-fived Josh from Drake and Josh!
5. Who inspires you? My inspiration is Talia Castellano, she has made me realise my dream of being a make up artist and to just keep swimming when things get hard. I've done a blog post tribute for her as she sadly passed away last week, here it is. I would say my other inspirations are One Direction and Miranda Hart because I'm such huge fans of theirs and they always make me smile. 
6. A Random fact? I have a twin sister who I'm eight minute older than.
7.What is your favourite flower? I love Daisy's, even the name Daisy! I also love roses!
8. Favourite band? One Direction all the way!
9. Where is your favourite place to visit? I love visiting Greece, I've been there a few times because my auntie, uncle and cousins live out there. It's absolutely beautiful out there and the food is delicious!
10. What is your favourite Drugstore foundation? Umm I'm not really a foundation person, more of a concealer, powder type of gal, but I've heard so many people rave about Rimmel's wake me up foundation, so it would be that!
11.How long have you had your blog for? I began my blog in April this year and I can't believe that I'm at 40 followers!

The second person who tagged me was Annie and here are her questions:
1. If a pizza is round why is a pizza box square? Umm to confuse the customers? ;)
2. Why do they call it a 'drive-thru' if you stop? As when you receive the food you drive away happy!
3. Why do we say our alarm is going off when actually its coming on? Because we  don't want it to go off so we don't have to wake up early! ;)
4. Sum up your blog in one word: Oooh that's really hard, umm I'll say unique :)
5. If there was an Earthquake on Mars, what would it be called? A Marsquake
6. If you could have unlimited anything what would it be? Umm that's hard probably money because then you could buy everything and everything else would be unlimited too!
7. What career would you like in the future? I would love to be a make up artist or to inspire people in some way.
8. If you had to wear one nail polish for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? That's a difficult one, it would probably be either purple or blue as that's what my nail polish collection mainly consists of, due to them being my fave colours! I think it would be have to be a Barry M one as I love that brand!
9. What would you do if you missed a bus? Get a later one?
10. Have you ever broken a bone in your body? (explain) Yes I've broken my left shoulder before, one of the most painful things ever! I was round a friends house for a party and the decking was wet so I accidentally slipped and fell on it! :(
11. What's your future plans for your blog? Hmm I think to keep going with regular posts on beauty and just other general things and maybe give it a makeover with all my links to other social sites! I would also love to have a bigger audience, but I am so thankful for all my followers, it means a lot that they have taken to time to read and follow my blog!

I hope you enjoyed all my answers now here's my questions:
1) What is the strangest food combination you've tried that you love?
2) What's your most precious thing you own?
3) Have you ever been on the television?
4) What's your favourite animal?
5) If you could bring someone back to life, who would it be?
6) Do you have a weird talent?
7) What is your essential make up product?
8) If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?
9) Who or what can cheer you up when your down?
10) Whats your favourite blog that you read?
11) What's your guilty pleasure?

I nominate these blogs:


  1. oh my gosh I love it well done:-)
    - From Annie ToadRoad

  2. I have nominated you for my I Heart Summer tag! Go check it out<3


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